Peppol France

Posted: 28th July 2021 11:19

In the electronic procurement service, peppol France is one of the fastest countries that are compliant to specification set. But there will be next to join with the peppol network from year to year. The reason is obvious.
The peppol services come with abundant benefits and perks that both public and private entities can enjoy.

As the tip of the iceberg, the perks revolve around paperless transactions and execution speed level, automatic manual labors, as well as amazing expenses savings for both parties.

In transferring the business files, both sender and recipient will reciprocally attain the perks of the peppol France.
It is only a kind of time until more countries across the globe can realize the true benefit of this solution. In this year, there are some countries across the globe that are ready to embrace the significance of Peppol to their procurement processes.

The good thing here is that these organizations do not have to spend a lot of capital to attain the peppol access point to get the opportunities in the global marketplace.

Galaxy GW is ready to aid all the public and private bodies in the effective and efficient peppol e-invoicing and other business documents process. Over the years, the entity has helped hundreds of companies to boost their key supply chain procedure.

Galaxy GW does not just help to set up the connections, but also to ensure that the progress in the upcoming project is fail-proof. Here is what you need to comprehend about peppol France first before proceeding.

What is Peppol?

You can refer to the Peppol definition on the official site of the OpenPEPPOL organization. But if you want to get a simpler explanation, Peppol is simply a global e-procurement network.

This solution streamlines the e-procurement including invoicing, orders, shipment, billing, and others in the same network by using the set of specifications such as standards for e-invoicing. Therefore, if it is not for e-invoicing, it also has set the standards for other business documents. So, when a business wants to make an order, they could just refer to the particular e - ordering standards set within the peppol France framework.

We mentioned OpenPEPPOL in the first paragraph. It is the name of the organization that regulates how Peppol is used through the peppol network.

It is important to know that Peppol is not a platform. It is an open network that is available internationally. The nature of the network allows the private and public bodies to make cross-border documents exchanges with standardized manners. As the result, there will be no confusion, errors, or misunderstanding between the involved parties because they are utilizing the same standards.

There are 39 countries that have joined with the peppol network. The number keeps increasing so that it doesn’t take a long time that these sets of regulations become international standards.

France is one of the latest members to get involved with this huge project. But it is definitely not the last.

How to optimize e-procurement with Peppol?

For most public and private entities, it is simple and straightforward to comply with the tech specifications of Peppol. The good thing about peppol services is that these standards can be injected into the existing software or platforms that particular bodies use to exchange paperless files. There is no need to set everything up from scratch and waste time.

In case you are the person in charge of the project, all you need to do is just to join with the peppol network by using a reliable peppol access point provider. If you have no idea how to do it from the beginning to the end, you could get help from Galaxy GW professional staff.

Let’s assume that one has participated in the network. By then, the organizations can improve the results of their process through the automatic procedure of the documents transfers in the particular network to their existing software and system.

The main objective of Peppol France is to make cross-border procurement well. Left alone the local procurement, it can open the opportunities for all institutions to be involved in the global market.

The peppol access point is the first start to join. Through the AP, the private or public organizations are joining with the network and are able to streamline the document exchanges regardless of the geographical boundaries.
All the data will be recorded. This allows the organizations to make in-depth analyses about their business practices. As the result, they can also find new insights to minimize the errors in their business process.

With the accurate data, the audits will also be more accurate. The transparency of the information will be much better than before.

The receiving and implementation are the successful keys to optimize the e-procurement with peppol services. The old-fashioned method of P2P is no longer viable to procure the information exchange. Once the businesses are linked to PEPPOl, they can get rid of the technical complexities and efforts since they are replaced by the automatic solution of the Peppol framework.

The peppol network is accurate, safe, and advantageous. It boosts the quality of the B2B and B2G transfers while protecting their processes. In regard to security, only the involved parties in the particular transactions are able to capture and save the data safely. This removes the interference of unnecessary parties or the irresponsible parties who can tamper with the data.

Which countries use Peppol?

There are 38 countries in total that have the certified peppol access point including France. While 31 countries are coming from Europe, the rest of the members are coming from around the globe.

If you are doing business in France, and not finding the authority who handles the peppol access point, you could choose OpenPeppol AISBL. It is the right choice where no national Authority exists. But if there is any authority confirmed in your country, it is much better to reach out to the particular authority.

Which companies are already connected to Peppol?

It is imperative to get the peppol services from a trustworthy and reliable peppol access point provider so that you can leverage the network maximally. The Peppol frameworks are used in France for several purposes including electronic invoices, electronic signature validation service, and Transport infrastructure. Galaxy GW is the one you'd want to reach to give you the appropriate peppol access point according to your business reach. Reach out to your provider now for further information.