Presentation Planned to Perfection

Posted: 24th February 2016 16:37

When planning an event, it is important to consider how your brand/company will stand out from the crowd. There are many different marketing tools that you could consider using to make your mark and leave a good long lasting impression on your audience. Some options that you could consider for your marketing displays are: portable displays, banner stands, pop up stands or if you want to draw your audience in to the event you could consider an outdoor flag.
If you or your company is planning an event and thinking about purchasing marketing equipment then it is recommended that you choose an established supplier with good reviews, as the last thing you want on the big day of the event is poor quality printing and cheap materials that result in wrinkled graphics.

There are many different suppliers with a wide variety of offerings, and it can be difficult to find a supplier that hits the ‘sweet spot’ between quality and cost. However, we found a supplier that seems to hit the right balance with Express Exhibition Displays. Based in the midlands,theyhave a wide range of equipment to choose from and they also offer a fast turnaround on your order. Their services are ideal fortradeshows,conferences and events.

Once you have decided to purchase an exhibition display, you may have some queries on how the whole ordering process works. Customising and considering all elements of your display is what will make your company/brand stand out amongst others.

Frequently asked questions

Before splashing out the cash on cost-effective exhibition displays you’ve probably got a number of questions.  A reliable exhibition display manufacturer will cover your queries throughout the ordering process.
Some points that you should consider when customising your marketing material:
As you browse the range of products available, it will become clear what the best fit for you or your company may be.
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Once you have the nuts and bolts together for your exhibition display you may want to polish it all off with some finishing touches. Adding a printed tablecloth, personalised canvas or a display light will make all the difference to your stand. Adding gadgets to your stand will also show your audience that you are in line with the latest technologies – why not use a freestanding iPad holder to display your website, portfolio or electronic literature. IPad’s are also great for surveys and email data capture.

The ending note to take away here is to plan how you want your company/brand to be perceived by your audience. The more thought and effort that you put into your stand will impact the positive presentation and reputation of your business.
Consider mirroring your brand messaging, colour, logos and typography should reflect how you already are thought of as a brand. Bright and colour or chic and classic – let your exhibition stand do the talking.