Professional Translation Services vs. Machine Translations

Posted: 5th August 2014 09:02

By Ozair Akhtar
Today, businesses have realised the need of translating web content into different international languages to make their business websites globally accessible, readable and easily understandable. However, the saddening part is, businesses are opting for automated translations to get their web content translated in no downtime, thinking that machine translations are an adequate replacement to human linguistics. With the help of content translating software and other machine operated translating tools, businesses are fulfilling their needs of translated web content, leaving doubts behind whether it’s conveying or presenting the correct business agenda or the right business structure or not. Let’s check why automated translation machines are incompetent in delivering near-human perfection while translating contents. 

Knowing how it works literally for each word, skipping humor and sarcasm or any other expressional form aside, it translates word to word, you can see the essence fading out. Short phrases, idioms and any direct speeches are translated according to built-in vocabularies that may not serve the purpose. It actually kills the purpose but unfortunately, businesses that are using it to save time, money and any hassle, without knowing that it overlooks the entire theme or expressions of your business pick. 

Discussed below are a few points, defining why professional translation and conference interpreter services are accurate and trustworthy when it comes to deliver business agenda through business websites.
If you are running a business in Dubai that needs global expansion, you must not compromise on your business stature, web content and global accessibility while translating your web content. I would advise you to go for professional Arabic language translators in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to offer Arabic translation in Dubai to cater masses in the entire Middle East and Gulf regions.



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