Removing the Pain from the Everyday

Posted: 11th January 2019 15:44

That is what many users of mobile wallets say, that they remove many of the stages that would cause pain from the everyday transaction process.

Mobile wallets are definitely the piece of kit to use as they contain both non-payment related information like your loyalty card or your ticket information as well as you bank and credit card account details allowing the user to firstly manage their payments, then track those transactions use thier loyalty programs and perhaps most importantly leave all those cards at home in a safe place.

There are a number of operating system specific mobile wallets like Samsung Pay, Android Pay and Apple Pay which are already popular and enjoy widespread global usage, and now we are witnessing new, brand-specific wallet apps are making an appearance.

Brands like Starbucks wallet app and Walmart Pay are experiencing user popularity and perhaps more importantly these digital wallets are also being used as a gateway for all interactions on the blockchain as well.
 The most positive attribute of a digital wallet is that consumers can store, trade and also manage both virtual assets like cryptocurrencies and fiat money in much the same way as they wold manage a traditional exchage or bank account.

Understandably there are still some concerns over the possibility of security breaches and this belief stalls the mass adoption of mobile wallets. To counteract this wariness more wallet services are incorporating encryption and tokenization technology to allay those fears as well as providing consumers with a cheaper, faster, and of course more secure transactions.

Storing and managing funds online is vital nowadays with many online companies adopting the online wallet method for their users to access easily. Take as an example, an online casino site where you can play online pokies games Having the option to use an online wallet to store funds in a safe and secure way, with Neteller, Skrill and of course PayPal being three of the most popular versions appeals to many users for good reason.

Being able to cut out the middle-man appeals to many people and if you are playing on a site that takes the security of its users seriously then you will be able to enjoy your games in a more free and fun way.

A wallet allows you to monitor and manage your bankroll in a positive way rather than simply paying for your games as you go. Making a limit is far easier and theses positive attributes of an online wallet apply to any reason you want to use one.

2019 could easily see the use of the online wallet increase as more and more people begin to trust and enjoy the advantages this payment method offers.