Resources Geared Toward Advancing Women Entrepreneurs

Posted: 13th December 2016 16:51

Starting a business can be difficult for any entrepreneur, but women face unique challenges that may hold them back from achieving their potential. From a lack of female role models in the startup space to having trouble gaining access to capital, many women struggle to find their way as an entrepreneur.

The good news is that even though the startup world remains a male-dominated space, more and more females are developing successful businesses every year. With the right amount of support and resources, women entrepreneurs can set themselves up for success in order to start new business ventures that continue to grow and thrive.

Though the resource list below is by no means comprehensive, it does offer a great place to start. These resources are geared toward helping women entrepreneurs advance in the business world:
Training Programs and Informational Resources

Though all successful businesses start with a great idea, many female entrepreneurs who are first-time business owners may not have a formal business education or the training they need on the fundamentals of business. Basic business training and education are an important part of developing a successful company, and here are some training programs that are designed for women entrepreneurs who need to learn the ropes:
Funding Resources
Getting the necessary funding to start a business remains one of the biggest challenges for all entrepreneurs. Though women business owners may have once had trouble raising capital for their business ventures, investors are starting to see the benefits of providing funding for female entrepreneurs. Here are just a few funding resources that may provide options for women business owners:
Networking and Mentorship Opportunities
Networking is not only an important part of finding new business opportunities, but it also allows female entrepreneurs to meet other women business owners in the community who can provide advice and unique insight on the unique challenges of being a women entrepreneur. Mentorship opportunities allow women who are new to business to learn more from successful entrepreneurs who were once in their shoes. Here are some of the top networking and mentorship opportunities for women entrepreneurs:
It is nearly impossible to make it in the startup world without some help and support. Fortunately, all of these resources are aimed at helping women entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground so they can see them grow and thrive.