Safety in the workplace

Posted: 19th September 2016 09:30

Safety in the workplace is of utmost importance and as an employer you must ensure you have all bases covered to protect not only your workforce but yourself as a business. This infographic, created by PPE expert Safeaid, takes a look at the implications of a workplace accident and how much it could cost an employer.
Slips and trips are one of the most common causes of injuries while working, as well as lifting and carrying injuries – proper training and awareness can help reduce the risk of these types of incidents occurring in the future.
It’s important to note that money isn’t the only costly repercussion of an accident in the workplace, reputability and productivity can also be tarnished. Take a look through the infographic and learn the facts before going away and checking over your own health and safety policy to ensure everyone is well informed and aware of how to conduct themselves in a hazardous environment. Protect those who work for you and protect your business at the same time. 

Brought to you by Safeaid