Saving Money on Business Electric Bills

Posted: 26th June 2015 14:20

One of the biggest drains on business expenses is the electric bill. Especially with larger businesses, it's easy for energy to be one of the biggest drains when dealing with multiple employees. However, according to Tara Energy, a company that powers Texas, a lot can be done to lower the electrical bill, and smart businesses know that there are a number of ways to help reduce energy consumption, do more for the environment, and most importantly, reduce costs.
Instituting an Energy-Saving Policy
While there are a number of ways that businesses can save on their electrical bills, it is extremely important to make sure that employees are on board. When change is instituted from the top, the most efficient way to make sure that it will be followed is to ensure that all employees are on board with a company energy policy. Without a policy in place, perennial energy wasters are enabled to do what makes them most comfortable, and this will possibly interfere with practical changes made to reduce energy consumption. For this reason, the way to go is to make sure that a smart energy policy is in place first.
Practical Changes That Can Be Made
There are a number of changes that businesses can make right now to reduce their costs. The biggest energy waster is in heating and cooling. Because of this, a few short changes to the thermostat are in order, and businesses can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars with a policy in place to ensure that heating and cooling costs are reduced by cutting out needless waste.
For example, while it's common to keep temperatures at 70 degrees and above during winter and 75 degrees or below in the summer, this is in fact unnecessary since these temperatures are based on the weather outside and not the temperature inside, which is in fact static. It will still be comfortable to keep a static temperature at 65 degrees in the winter, as well as 78 degrees in the summer, when the temperature is still far more comfortable than it is outside.
Once the temperature is set, however, you want to ensure that employees don't change it. One way to ensure this doesn't happen is by using tamper-proof covering on your thermostats, as well as using programmable thermostats instead of manual ones to operate the HVAC. Smart thermostats can also be a great help to make sure that the optimal temperature is being maintained, and that costs are being reduced without sacrificing overall office comfort when it comes to temperature.
Off-Hours Waste
One of the biggest places where waste can be a problem is during the off-hours. Employees may leave computers or other devices on. Part of this again relates to overall company policy. To ensure that there are no energy vampires present when dealing with off-hours waste, make sure that unused electrical equipment is off, including computers left on in standby mode, kitchen devices, and unused heating and air conditioning. When no one is in the offices, the HVAC should be kept at an optimum temperature for the equipment and items, without regard to employees who have already gone home.
Another way to ensure that energy costs are being kept down is to make sure that lights are not kept on, and to make sure that lighting during business hours is not "overdone" and is kept energy-efficient.
This article was contributed on behalf of Tara Energy, your number one choice when looking for an electricity provider in Texas. Check out their website at for more information.