Secure your Business with CCTV Cameras

Posted: 15th February 2017 11:12

Burglary can cost you so much of what you’ve worked so hard to build. Everything could be gone in one day or night. With the increased number of burglaries, you need to safeguard your business. CCTV cameras can help you with surveillance.
Here are the full benefits of investing in the system:

Deter Burglary

Thieves often scan the premises before stealing, sometimes for several days or even months. They will avoid those fitted with cameras as this will easily get them caught.
For this reason, CCTV cameras need not be too concealed. It should be clear to anyone who steps into the premises that it is secure. Anyone planning anything hideous will have to think twice. If they see that there is a chance they might be caught, they will most likely decide against it.

Catch Thieves

Should they break in anyway, you’re likely to catch them through the footage. Some clever ones try to hide from the cameras by wearing hats, since the view is captured from above. That should not worry you. If you cannot make out anything from the footage, hand it over to the police.
They have the time, patience and skills to scrutinize every detail and come up with something substantial. The robbers may not be caught right away, but will remain on the radar of the police and are likely to be caught eventually.

Stop Shoplifters

Retail outlets often have to deal with shoplifters cleverly concealed as customers. They hide items and leave like they didn’t find whatever they were looking for. Some are even more cunning. They pay for some items while hiding others. You’ll only realize when taking stock and the math do not balance. With cameras installed, shoplifters will be discouraged and if they shoplift anyway, they’ll get caught. You’ll also be in a position to analyze the shoplifting methods and do something about it.

Supervise your Business while away

There are CCTV surveillance systems that enable remote access. You can see what is going on in your business wherever you are. This prevents internal theft. Some of your employees may be up to no good. This is especially crucial if you’re dealing with expensive goods.
For instance, if you’re in the aviation industry and are stocking alternators, carburetors, pumps, magnetos, adaptors, compressors,  alaskan bushwheel brakes & wheels and so on - can you imagine losing even one of these units? It will set you back a great deal.
Let your employees know that you’re watching. Not only will that discourage stealing, it will also make them adhere to workplace regulations.

Legal Use

Your CCTV footage could find its way to the courtroom, as your witness. Imagine that a worker claims to have been injured at your workplace and sues for compensation. You suspect foul play, but how can you prove it? If you’re right, the CCTV footage will vindicate you.
 If the incident actually happened, it will show exactly how it took place. If there was mischief or negligence on the worker’s part, it will be shown clearly. That way your company can escape the burden of footing the bill that was not rightly owed.
A CCTV surveillance system is without doubt a good investment for your business. Contract experts to do the job; a mishap in this system can cost you. Cameras should be installed in all major areas, with a good, wide aerial view. The footage should be reviewed occasionally even in the absence of major incidences. Keep your business safe from ever marauding predators.