Seerbytes Wins Most Innovative International Software Specialist

Posted: 3rd November 2022 14:26

Winners in the Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence Awards 2022 

Based in London, Seerbytes is a global technology and software development company that provides personalised technological solutions and product development, along with consultancy. The tech company has deep expertise in blockchain and web3.0 technologies, and has developed an impressive portfolio of clients, providing their services to a range of industries and sectors including governments, multi-billion pound businesses and start-ups.

Seerbytes offers exceptional quality at competitive prices and is proud of adopting only the latest technologies with a lean start-up methodology to innovate and solve difficult tech-related challenges. Since inception in 2018 under Javed Khattak’s leadership, the company has a clear vision: helping businesses from their idea stage through to full execution using a plethora of experience while regularly pushing boundaries. The ethical company is motivated by working in partnership with clients who want to launch projects that are specifically designed to have a positive impact on the world.
Some of their impressive flagship projects in the past year alone include: advising a government on and developing a blockchain financial services ecosystem; developing a unique academia NFT (non-fungible tokens) marketplace for a bestselling author on the Algorand blockchain; one of the first partners of an SSI (self-sovereign identity) blockchain platform based on the Cosmos SDK (market cap of $600 million at launch) to run a validator node for decentralisation of their mainnet; launching a 100 years based neuroscience mental wellbeing software, coded by Seerbytes including development of its tracking algorithms, which offers real-time metrics on the user’s brain activity, mental alertness and cognition ability; and achieving a 45% reduction in costs for a client through digital transformation.
The judging panel praised the efforts made at Seerbytes to make their clients’ lives easier when software developers are known to do the opposite. Their focus on investigating potential challenges at the outset including the client’s restrictions and any technological constraints, has had an enormously beneficial effect on their clients’ businesses. Through their deep expertise in cutting edge technologies and thoroughly researching the landscape, the tech company has developed time and money saving software which will undoubtedly change the fortunes of their clients for years to come.