Seven Ways to Save Money When Traveling To Dubai

Posted: 28th July 2016 14:51

Planning to go to the UAE? The Sheikhs, the tallest building of the world, the beautiful jewelry, the sweet blend of culture and the spice markets – Dubai sounds like a dream! Contrarily, there is one worry that haunts all travelers - the cost. Dubai maintains a reputation of being ultra-luxurious which can create a big hole in the pocket if the travel is not planned right. Therefore, here are some easy tricks to keep your budget low while you roam around the streets of Dubai!

Planning in Advance 

Planning well ahead of a trip is always smart. When you are going to visit a place like Dubai, you better take advantage of the internet which enables you to organize costing and decide which places you can financially accommodate in your trip. Further, study about the places and architecture you want to visit and note down their directions as well. This will effectively make a tour guide redundant, saving some costs right there.

Using Vouchers

A simple weekend in Dubai can get really expensive. So while travelling with family, “The Entertainer” voucher book will get you visiting parks, go-karting, fishing, skiing and many other Dubai activities at a discounted price. This unique, life-saving voucher book can be found in most of the bookshops around Dubai and costs around 250 Dirhams but it saves you around 50k Dirhams for a wholesome, fun-filled. It is also important to note that the voucher book can get you a few luxurious meals and help you experience fine dining, the Arab way. Plus, keep your eyes out for individual discount deals in hotels and restaurants. Dubai hotels offer discounts frequently and if you plan well, you can save a lot by staying in the right hotel at the right time. Lastly, look for hotel offered sightseeing deals. These usually come in a cheap price and are frequently offered when the temperatures are high in Dubai.

Public Transportation

If you cannot figure out a transportation deal, use the metro. Metros will take you to most places in Dubai faster and way cheaper. Figure out travel routes and ticket counters for places outside the Metro’s reach and travel easy right from touchdown. Pro-tip: Taxi-riding might not be as user-friendly as renting your own car, but the minimal discomfort is definitely worth the money you will save.

Smart Lodging

As we have been stressing on this article repeatedly, plan ahead. Figure out how much it would cost catch the Metro from your hotel and do your sightseeing-dining. See if it makes the trip more affordable for you by living far away from the center of the city. If comfort and affordability is combined into one option - then be assured, you have found your winner. One thing you must remember that travelers use boarding only for sleeping and bathing. Try to put less emphasis on the grand pleasure and superior comfort of the hotel room services. As said before, if faraway hotels give you a better deal, accommodating your transport costs too, go for it!

Cutting Down on Shopping

Dubai is one place where your inner Sophie Kinsella will try to rule like no other place. Everything will be about shopping - taking souvenirs, taking brand clothes and accessories which are also souvenirs from Dubai, spending as much money as you can in fancy malls and feeling like a superstar. That’s the dream, isn’t it? Well, discount, vouchers, opting for local markets, cutting down on souvenir shopping (because let’s face it, too much of that is pretty stupid) are points that you want to list down before you unleash the self-pampering shopper inside you.
Hence, it’s all about planning ahead, being aware of the right offers and making the right choices to save your wallet in Dubai. Check these points in your mental notebook and enjoy your stay!