Simple Online Money Makers

Posted: 14th July 2016 10:55

For those of us who have some spare time and would like to make some extra cash to boost our bankroll then gravitating towards the internet is a natural option as most today own a smart phone or some other similar mobile device.

The methods we are going to talk about today are not get rich quick solutions but simply ways of spending some spare time earning a few pounds which is always welcome, plus it is always a benefit to learn something new which might come in handy in the future.

If you are one of the many who browse the web you can actually earn cash for what you are already doing and this is one of the easiest methods of making some money online with zero effort, and you don’t even have to change your behaviour whilst online. is a company that rewards you for searching in Bing, Yahoo or Google and all you need do to begin is install a simple add on to your browser so there will be a few sponsored results alongside your normal search, and that’s it. 

Each of the Qmee results has a cash award attached to it and if you are interested you click on it and then collect your reward with no minimum to cashout which is really good.  You can also donate the money you make to charity instead of getting it transferred to your PayPal account.

Today online market trading platforms have cracked the world of investing in stock markets and currencies and these trading platforms usually offer free practice accounts with some like Plus500 also offer a free £20 (no deposit) which is well worth considering.  Sites like eToro has over four million users throughout the world and has been viewed on the BBC2 documentary called ‘Traders, Millions by the Minute’ and the Financial Times.

If you use the CopyTrader feature on eTorro you will be able to see, follow and then copy the investments of other top performing traders, and even if you do not make so much you will definitely learn a lot about the various investments and related industries.

The last option we are going to look at is probably the quickest way to make money and also has the potential to make you a lot of money.  This method is risk free, tax free and is legal and the basis of this money making method is to take advantage of the quality online casino sites when they offer free bets by matching them at a betting exchange.

Firstly you must make sure that the site you are playing at is of a high quality as there is an element of rouge sites that are more interested in getting your personal details, so just like anything else that involves money please make sure you are using a genuine site like new uk bingo sites which offer some great bonuses and promotions as well as an environment which is entertaining and enjoyable to use.

The way the match bet system works is that matched betting eliminates the risk as you are betting both for and against an outcome.  In this way you can make your free bet last and if you put that against how many decent betting sites there are today you can soon see how the potential increases of making some serious money.

If that does not appeal to you, then you could simply use the free bets that are offered to try your luck on one of the many casino games, side bets or slots on offer, you never know, Lady Luck just might be smiling on you, as she has to smile on someone!