Six Different Types Of Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

Posted: 26th February 2018 14:21

Marketing your goods and services to consumers is an essential part of your business's journey from concept to customer. Along the way, you will have to coordinate four primary elements: finding the right product, determining its most attractive price point, selecting a distribution channel, and implementing a viable promotion and advertising ideas.

Here are some online and offline strategies to consider adding to your marketing mix:

3 Online Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing works best when you want to reach a target audience for your niche with your marketing message.

1. Drive Traffic to Your Website

There are many free and paid ways of attracting traffic to your website, and you should work on implementing both of them. While free or lost cost ways of attracting traffic help out your business budget, they require time and patient application before they yield results. However, when you do get results, they flow consistently, even when you have scaled back on your marketing efforts because your keywords are still ranked in the search engines and your content and media are still hosted on heavily-trafficked websites. Paid ways, like Google PPC ads or Facebook ads, work in just the opposite way. They are easy to set up and do attract traffic quickly but once you stop paying for your ads, the traffic also stops.

One of the best ways of attracting free traffic is via search engine optimization. However, it takes a lot of effort to create content and get your pages indexed among the top ten listings for your keyword. If you either don't have the time to develop content or the patience to figure out how to research keywords correctly, you don't have to give up on this excellent idea. Simply outsource the work to a local SEO agency so that you can still reap the benefits of this long-range way of consistently getting traffic to your website.

2. Build Relationships with E-zine Subscribers

One effective way to grow your business is to use email marketing. After capturing the email address of people who visit your website, you will convert them from website visitors to email newsletter subscribers. You can then send these contacts the kind of emails that are most likely to engage their interests. There are numerous ethical ways of persuading people to share their contact information, particularly their email address with you, including offering educational webinars, building beautiful landing pages, and publishing high-converting opt-in boxes.

3. Network with Followers on Social Media:

Social media is one of the most effective ways of increasing your social engagement and building your brand. All you have to do is to post good content on your social media platforms and interact amicably with your followers. For social media to work, your posts need to be consistent enough to improve your brand's visibility and they should be interesting enough to engage your followers and build brand loyalty. In a nutshell, you need to be active and engaged with your social media platforms. However, there are some hidden dangers to sharing information on popular social media websites and bookmarking websites. For instance, you might share sensitive information, perhaps insider company information that might violate your nondisclosure agreement.

3 Offline Marketing Strategies

Commercial advertising can pack a punch when it comes to getting your message out to a wider, more general audience.

1. Television Commercials

Although expensive and brief, a well-scripted television commercial could convey a powerful marketing message to dramatically expose millions of people to your products and services.

2. Radio Advertising

Radio advertising, usually called "spots" in the radio industry, can also promote your products or services to a large audience. In exchange for receiving free radio station broadcasts, the listening audience is open to hearing a promotional message from advertisers who pay a commercial radio station for airtime.

3. Print Media Advertising

It is possible to reach a large number of consumers, prospects, and customers through physically printed media like magazines, newspapers, and tabloids. Often enough these media also have an online version of their publication, which will allow you to also use social media advertising, mobile advertising, and banner advertising.

When developing your marketing campaigns, it's always a good idea to use an integrated marketing approach, advertising both online and offline. Through testing a number of online and offline advertising options, you will be able to identify those that are most effective for your brand. Consequently, your return on investment from your advertising efforts will consistently improve over time.