Six Ultimate Software Solutions for Your Business

Posted: 27th July 2017 11:02

Having a powerful tool that can automate recurring tasks and support an aspect of a business on which you’d otherwise have to spend a lot of time and effort is invaluable to any business. It allows entrepreneurs to run their businesses efficiently and smoothly and can significantly reduce headaches that come with time management, organizing meetings and running projects.

Here, we provide you with a list of the best easy-to-learn business software that are easy to learn and can be integral to your success. This is how you can run your business more smoothly.

1. Trello (project management)

Use Trello if you want to learn how to collaborate. The software gets the job and it’s intuitive and simple; its card-based design allows you to manage your team easily, as it combines task and project management in a simple interface. Trello is perfect for people who like doing things visually because every project is represented by a card that you can move through various stages of completion. You can use it in every aspect of your business: managing clients, hiring employees, and software and business development.

2. MailChimp (email marketing)

MailChimp enjoys a great reputation, and it’s with good reason – it includes basic marketing features and is free for up to 500 subscribers. Nearly every marketing integration automatically comes with a basic MailChimp subscription, which means integration with Facebook and Twitter, as well as eCommerce giants like Shopify. MailChimp enables you to track opt-in sources (valuable if you want to segment a campaign based on where people signed up for your list), tag subscribers based on their activity/behavior, track leads and paying customers, create full automation funnels, and identify inactive subscribers to remove from your list.

3. Zoho Books (accounting)

Zoho Books is popular with small businesses, and it’s essentially a subscription-based online accounting software. It includes basic features that every microbusiness needs, such as expense tracking, time tracking, invoicing, estimating, and bill payment. However, it still doesn’t include a payroll feature and can’t integrate with third party payroll apps. Zoho Books has apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows mobile phone devices, and is supported on major browsers.

4. Slack (business collaboration and document software)

Slack is the perfect collaboration software for those businesses whose teams are scattered all around the globe, across different time zones. It’s a cloud-based tool which allows real-time chat, file sharing and calls all on the same server. Slack is a mobile-friendly app which makes sharing all types of files between team members very easy, as well as creating an open channel for teammates that are on a particular task or project within the company.

5. Panorama (business intelligence software)

Business analytics software allows you to monitor data and generate business insights. This is relevant for every business because it helps with making smarter decisions that drive results. Panorama Necto is a software suite which unites visual data discovery with enterprise-level business intelligence. It provides intuitive, interactive, and customized analytics (reports on changes and trends) via visual interface in the form of user-friendly infographic format.

6. Google analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools among online marketers. It provides important insight into visitor behavior on your website, such as the number of visitors on each page, their demographics, the number of pages they’ve visited, the pages where they’ve converted, and where they are dropping off. The tool also enables you to see the sources of leads, whether they’re through social media, paid ads, organic, and so on.
Startup owners have to be picky when choosing the best operational software because they need more bang for their buck. These high-performing tools often have multi-purpose features and user-friendly interfaces, while some can fully integrate with the apps and systems you’re already using. Using effective tools is important if you want your teammates to give their maximum and maintain their productivity.