Social Media for your Business

Posted: 14th July 2015 16:01

A lot of businesses big and small are starting to warm towards using social media to find new customers and build brand authority. But why now? Social media has been going on for years since the Hi5 MySpace days up until now, so why have directors and sale managers decided to use social media for business? The answer is simple, social media is as an online marketing tool.

Since Facebook, social media has revolutionised online marketing and has since grown to Twitter and LinkedIn. Businesses have now developed ways to find their market and entice them into buying their products and services, they have learnt that social media is not only for selling but also for building relationships, engaging and building trust in their brand. This has created so called “social media experts” now, can you really have a social media expert? No! why? Because social media develops every day

Social media services include marketing, online engagement, conversations and many more timely techniques that direct targeted traffic, not just anyone, to the website.  And there are many businesses just like Fenice Digital that offer these services.

So what are the pros and cons of using social media for business?            
Using social media will improve your brand loyalty, your business will be seen by the public straight away, you can send messages to your target market and of course it is cheaper than advertising. However, social media marketing requires a lot of work, it is not simply just posting on Facebook.

Social media marketing is a definite must for any company who wants their brand to stay recognised and relevant by their customers. However, knowing how to use social media that gives the results you want whether it is growth in followers, click rates, or leads is the hardest part, so make sure you use social media the right way and the results will start flowing in.