Spider-Man Homecoming: a first trailer with Iron Man

Posted: 25th January 2017 15:25

The first Spider-Man Homecoming trailer is now available. It introduces the new spider-man and already begins to make the link with the rest of the cinema universe Marvel.

Expected for the summer of 2017, Spider-Man Homecoming will be the sixteenth film of the universe of cinema Marvel. Forget the Tobey Maguire and others, Andrew Garfield. For this third restart of the license, it is the young Tom Holland who was chosen to incarnate the spider-man. A Tom Holland that you have already seen in the movies if you went to Captain America: Civil War.

Unlike previous sagas on Spider-Man, this third reboot should not dwell again on the origin of the powers of the teenage superhero. We should therefore avoid again the scene of the visit of the laboratory, the sting and the discovery of the powers. Marvel must suspect that his audience has seen the previous feature films and that he no longer needs to have an explanation yet.

Initially, it was not expected that Spider-Man would join the film universe of Marvel. However, thanks to the piracy of Sony Pictures Entertainment, there were negotiations between the two production studios. Did you know that online casino Australia and real money also features blockbuster online slots such as Terminator, Spider-man and Game of Thrones? Finally, in February 2015, things were formalized, with Sony Pictures agreeing to allow Marvel to use Spider-Man in his universe.

Directed by Jon Watts, the film will include Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May. On the other side of the fence is Michael Keaton, who plays the evil Vulture. It will be the third Marvel film that will be released in 2017, with Thor: Ragnarok and Les Gardiens de la Galaxie Vol. 2.