Take Your Business Meetings to New Heights with Video Conferencing

Posted: 7th March 2016 08:44

Traditional business meetings in boardrooms are becoming less of the norm within corporate culture. The reasons behind this are plentiful and have led many corporations to go the virtual route. For example, it is much more time-consuming to contact all desired attendees to organize a typical boardroom meeting. This is especially so for international attendees. Also, they are more costly when factoring in things like gas for driving and plane tickets. This includes special accommodations for business trips, such as meals and hotel reservations. Why settle for all that when you can have better business meetings for a fraction of the effort and cost? Read below the advantages of video conferencing software like Blue Jeans.
1. Video Conferences are Time-savers and Eco-friendly

These conferences can be conducted at any time as well as from anywhere, says The Telegraph. You can cut out time-restraints because differences in location, such as with countries, do not matter. Meetings can be held smoothly and effectively, although there can be a time difference of several hours present between attendees. In addition, less travel means less harmful toxins being released into the environment from exhaust pipes of motor vehicles, etc. 
2. Video Conferences Reduce Financial Expenses

They can help you save money because of having no need to spend it on travel. You can save money on gas, plane tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, special business attire, medical expenses, dining out, and more. Businesses can then afford put the extra funds into other company projects, like merchandise or the maintenance of a website.
3. Video Conferences Promote Inclusiveness

Since these meetings can be done from anywhere, it’s easier to get a highly diverse group of people involved in business projects. For example, a company can feel more encouraged to build relationships with business partners on the other side of the world via video conferences. It is also easier to get messages across clearly to one’s audience through this method instead of emails or phone calls. This offers added benefits of face-to-face communication and the interpretation of facial expressions and body language.
4. Video Conferences Allow for Easier Transmission of Information

Meeting attendees have the benefit of sharing information much quicker through virtual conferences than by email. This allows participants to communicate their concerns, motives, and goals between each other simultaneously. There can be a faster turnaround for time-sensitive projects. Also, problems that are encountered can be solved earlier.  
5. Video Conferences Improve Work-life Balance

They add increased flexibility and convenience to one's lifestyle. People can manage to spend less money and travel less. This allows for more money and time to be spent on more important endeavors. For example, virtual meetings can be held in the comfort of one's own home. Therefore, it is far less time-consuming to transition from work to home life. This method is especially useful for remote employees and freelancers, who typically work from home.  
Tips for Having Productive Virtual Meetings
It should be clear by now why you should skip your basic boardroom meeting method and opt in for video conferences. They have the power to make your overall life less difficult through increased freedom to work wherever and whenever you want. These conference calls can help you boost your creativity and enthusiasm to bring business ideas to life. Take your business to the next level with communication software that offers greater convenience while maintaining personal connections with business partners globally.