Ten Promotional Products That You Never Thought Of

Posted: 8th April 2015 09:39

1. Speakers gifts for conferences
When organising a conference, it’s a lovely gesture to pick out a gift for the speaker. This should be an item of higher value than the promotional items you might choose to give out to conference attendees, because you want the speaker to feel appreciated. Conference speakers tend to be influential in their area of business, so it’s important to make a good impression, and by giving them a generous and well chosen gift, you can be sure they will remember you. Some of the items that Australian promotional product experts recommend to give to a speaker include high-end stationary (such as a beautiful pen or notebook), or a stylish business card holder.
2. Branded teddy bears
If you know that the attendees of your event love anything cute, or are likely to have children, a branded teddy bear is a brilliant idea. It’s a memorable product that will get attendees talking and will be kept and treasured for much longer than disposable and less personal products. By adding your brand name to a teddy bear, you are associating your brand with an item that will be loved and kept in the household.
3. Promotional candles
Candles are a great choice for promotional merchandise at an event, especially if you know that your attendees will be mostly female, or people who care about the quality and comfort of the home. A candle is a useful but not purely functional item, as it is also decorative. It’s a great value product because it has a high-end feel, but is not too expensive to brand and buy in bulk.
4. Promotional bottle openers
If you’re looking for a promotional item that you know your event attendees will use time and time again, we must suggest the bottle opener. This is a product that is useful to everyone, but of course, is especially popular with those who love to drink. It’s an ideal promotional gift to give out at an event related to food and drink, and it’s popular with both men and women.
5. Promotional car kits
Will most of your conference attendees be travelling by car, or is your event related to transport? If so, you should consider a promotional gift of a car kit. It’s a very useful product that will be used frequently, and it won’t just be seen by the driver, but also anyone who is a passenger in the car. Therefore, it’s a great way to spread the word and create conversation about your business.
6. Promotional tea
Everyone loves a soothing cup of tea after a long day at a conference, or even in a break during the day. Many people prefer a promotional item they can use straight away, and won’t need to find space for in the home. A gift of food or drink is unlikely to be thrown away, and if the person who receives it is not a tea drinker, they will pass it on to someone else, spreading the word about your brand.
7. Branded sports towels
Are the attendees of your event an active group? Then, a branded sports towel is the perfect promotional product. A sports towel is something everyone who does sports needs, but it’s not a fun item that you want to spend money on, so any active person will be pleased to get it for free. Make sure the towel is soft and good quality, so the user has a pleasant experience and a positive association with the brand.
8. Recycled promotional products
If your conference is about an environmental or ethical subject, it could be considered hypocritical to give out disposable promotional gifts. For a more environmentally friendly option, we recommend you choose from the wide range of recycled promotional products available.
9. Promotional picnic chairs
Is your event taking place in the summer? A really fun and unusual idea for a promotional gift is a picnic chair. It can be used on the day of the event, or taken away for use at home. Either way, the recipient will think of your brand every time they sit on it.
10. Branded sunscreen and lip balm
Another clever promotional gift idea for an event taking place in sunny weather is branded sunscreen, or lip balm in cold weather. This is a very useful product that attendees will be thankful for if the event is being held outside, or when they go out for lunch or to explore the area. They will be thanking you every time they use it!