The Benefits of Graduated Compression Hosiery Products

Posted: 3rd November 2014 14:15

If you are looking for comfortable stocking and socks that will not only perfectly cover your legs, but will also take care of your health, you should opt for Graduated Compression hosiery products. This is the most caring and comfortable type of hosiery.
Unique construction of Graduated Compression stockings is characterized by a firm support at feet and ankles that gradually releases up along the leg, which helps avoid constriction at knees and thighs. Graduated Compression stockings give your legs a great support without hindering your movements. They stimulate blood circulation and help prevent and cure a number of health disorders, including cellulite, venous disorders, swelling and aching of legs.
If you walk a lot, spend most of the day on feet, or if your daily work involves carrying and lifting of heavy items, Graduated Compression hosiery is a must-have for you. Pregnant women and new mothers will also appreciate the benefits of wearing these unique products. Numerous surveys show that people wearing Graduated Compression hosiery products are full of energy during the whole day and do not even think about fatigue
A huge assortment of Graduated Compression hosiery products is available at The site offers a full range of hosiery products, including knee highs, thigh highs, pantyhose, dress-travel socks and men’s socks. All products are presented by three brands: the ITA-MED, the  MAXAR and the GABRIALLA .
Whatever brand you choose, you will get hosiery of the highest quality that is comfortable to wear, improves blood circulation and helps prevent a number of health problems. If you are concerned about your appearance, products of the GABRIALLA brand are an ideal choice for you.
In addition to Graduated Compression hosiery, offers a great variety of other health support products. Just visit, and you will avail all benefits of fast and secure online shopping! 



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