The Difference Between Small Moving Companies

Posted: 3rd July 2018 08:43

If you're just moving down the block or across town, wrapping up your items in blankets may not be such a bad thing. Now, imagine having those same items transported across the country grouped with a bunch of your other items only protected by blankets. This is what many small moving companies do when getting things where they need to be, no matter how much distance is involved. At Ship Smart, we have processes in place designed to offer some extra peace of mind.

Expert Packing

Some small moving companies may be able to use special boxes for items such as mirrors and artwork. Even so, there's always the risk of damage from jostling in boxes or pressure from other items in the moving truck. When the moving of such items is handled through Ship Smart, everything will be properly packed at our warehouse by our packing professionals. Our attention to detail with shipping preparations means:

• The right packing materials will be used
• Proper precautions will be taken with fragile or unusually shaped/sized items
• Custom boxes or crates will be used for added protection
• All items will be sufficiently, securely, and safely packed and palletized prior to shipping

Damage-Free Shipping

When we arrange for shipping, our focus isn't just on getting everything to its intended destination. After all, what's the point of quickly getting larger furniture, rare artwork, or other valuable or irreplaceable items from point A to point B if they don't get there in one piece? When you turn to us, all your items will be prepared for shipping by Ship Smart certified packing professionals.

We also won't take shortcuts by attempting to place items together that should be shipped in separate boxes or crates. You can also take comfort in knowing that your residential or commercial items will be covered by our full replacement insurance policy. Unlike some smaller moving companies that may have limits or exceptions with insurance, we're able to offer this protection from start to finish.

Customized Pick-Up and Delivery Options

Some smaller moving companies can only customize pick-up and delivery to a certain extent. With Ship Smart, however, every stage of the process can be customized to your exact specifications. We even have short-term storage options you're welcome to utilize if you need some time to prepare the destination for your items. We can also help you out with necessary shipping documentation, including any requirements with shipments to locations outside of the United States.

Saving You Time and Money

The search for a reputable small moving company can quickly become more time-consuming than originally anticipated. An easy alternative is to let us handle your smaller moves by making the shipping arrangements in a way that's right for your needs and budget. We also offer service options that are often more flexible than what small moving companies can offer. All of our service options include:

• Honest estimates
• Professional packing
• Discounted shipping rates

Finally, because of the many connections we have and the volume we normally ship via various carriers, we're often able to offer rates on par with or lower than what's typically available from small moving companies. Ship Smart can handle all types of moves with optimal efficiency and savings. Contact us today to get an honest, reasonable estimate from our sales staff.