The Four Pillars of a Successful E-Commerce Business

Posted: 20th April 2017 12:50

E-Commerce is easy yet troublesome.

Easy in the that anyone can slap together a website to sell a few products or services. Troublesome because of the very same reason. The market thins out because of how easy it can be to get started in the online space.

How does one differentiate themselves from the rest?
In my experience -- it all comes down to:
Notice how I didn't say pricing? 

Well, because people are willing to pay a premium when the service is right. In fact, people are willing to do so when it's easy to buy, people connect, and they receive great service. 
Let me tell you a little bit about these pillars:

1. Customer Service

Customer service comes in many forms:
Of these? User experience!

Improving the user experience of the website and social channels can greatly reduce the need for clients/customers to submit requests and call in. A website which features robust site search is fundamental to using the Web effectively. 

Here they will find the FAQ to common questions. This frees CR time and can be used as part of a sale funnel through the use of call-to-actions.

2. Social Branding

People want to feel they're part of something bigger.

Why do people follow brands on Facebook? Why do they like their posts? Why do they bother with leaving comments on the feeds? Because people want to belong.

Many do so through their choice of products & services.

It's the whole "keeping up with the Jones's" but in a modern age. People want to share what they've purchased.

Their thoughts about the matter. 

If you can show a fantastic experience, deliver a great product, and successfully navigate PR when the time calls, then they will champion your brand within the social media circles. This is easy word-of-mouth. It's free advertising!

3. Content

You have two choices:
Content creation takes time. It's a handy resource when you're beginning because you haven't yet placed a monetary value on your hours. It's sweat equity.

Content is how people will find your products/services when doing a search. When they're using social media. They find a great tutorial and feel motivated to learn more. 

Anyone can sell a product. What makes the difference is how you position. Content is a method that brands the product/service; this keeps them coming back for more. 

The creation of content can be done from in-house efforts or through freelance services. Every piece published is another work that's found and ranked within the search engines.

4. Community

The market busy based on trends.

Why? Because they want a sense of community.

People want their choice in an offer to give them a standing within the community they follow. Don't believe me?

Then why do so many buy new phones each year? The old ones are perfectly capable. The new ones let them
show off.

It's a tribe mentality.

People want to be inclusive of society. To be part of the group. Their outlet is products. Products in which you may be able to provide. If you can touch these bullet points (sell the emotional), while pairing the social aspect, then you'll create a rabid community. One which falls head-over-heels for whatever you have ready for the market.

This is done through social media. A mix of content. Great user experience. And user experience through your site and use of 3rd party platforms.

Those experienced with selling online... what have you found to be the most effective methods of increasing your bottom line? Share your thoughts with a comment below!