The Hidden Benefits of Contents Insurance

Posted: 14th March 2014 08:47

By Webb Ward
Everyone knows that home and contents insurance allows you to recover losses under a variety of circumstances but most don't realize that there are a number of hidden benefits available in some policies. Contents insurance is vital to any home owner but don't just purchase any policy that offers you basic cover for your possessions. If you shop around and are careful you can get policies that offer identity theft protection, home repair cover and even legal advice and assistance.

Identity Theft

According to the UK's Fraud Prevention Service CIFAS, identity theft continues to be a major problem with recorded cases increasing year on year. Costing the economy over a billion each year and devastating individual's financial lives, identity theft and fraud should be a concern for everyone. It is not easy to monitor and deal with any issues yourself so having a service built into your insurance can be of great assistance in a time of need. If you are the victim of identity theft or have any concerns, some contents insurance policies can offer helplines or alerts to help you.

Home Repair Cover

Looking after your belongings is important and most policies will cover his for you but what happens when something goes wrong with one of your items? For most people when something breaks down it means a day of phone calls and quotes from tradesmen and then organizing a time for repairs. Make this easier on yourself by investing in a contents policy that will take the stress out of the situation by providing an emergency home repair service. Home repair helplines are ideal as they provide one number for you to call in an emergency and an authorized tradesman in your area will be dispatched to deal with the issue for you. This cuts out most of the hassle and you can trust in the reputation of your insurance company to hold any authorized repairmen to a high standard.

Legal Advice

Even the most careful of people can find themselves with a difficult situation on their hands and, when it comes to legal issues particularly, it can be difficult to navigate these waters alone. While consulting a lawyer is always an option it is sometimes an expense too far so a bit of free legal advice can go a long way. Some home and contents insurance companies can offer a legal advice helpline that will provide expert advice on a variety of situations whether related to your home or not. This can be worth its weight in gold when the unexpected happens so plan for the future and save you time and money.

Just like any other product, insurance services are in competition with other providers so it is often possible to get more for your money than originally anticipated. Take advantage of the extras available and get yourself a policy that works on a number of levels while making sure your home and possessions are covered.




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