The importance of cloud technology in 2016

Posted: 13th January 2016 15:35

Seeing as technology advances at such a rapid rate, it is often difficult to stay on point with the latest trends. However, one aspect of computing that used to be a momentary fad but has now established itself as a mainstay is the cloud.
Previously used to simply store data, the cloud has quickly become an essential element of IT infrastructure for countless companies, as it can perform or assist with a myriad of daily procedures. So, why should your business be getting on board with cloud technology in 2016?
Added protection against cyber criminals
Last year, numerous high-profile security breaches and hacking incidents highlighted the fact that corporate cyber crime should be taken seriously. But with cloud-based web hosting technology, such as 100TB Cloud Servers, your business can mitigate the ever-present risks posed by online offenders.
With security measures such as SSL certificates, 2-factor authentication, and enterprise grade firewalls, the very best cloud servers are as impenetrable to attack as you can possibly get.
Rapid recovery should the worst-case scenario occur
Even with a cloud-based solution in place, your most valuable assets could fall victim to a natural disaster rather than an unexpected online attack. With all your documentation and data saved to a virtual server, everyday operations can be restored in next to no time.
This is especially true among small businesses, as the Aberdeen Group says they are twice as likely as larger companies to have implemented cloud-based backup and recovery solutions thanks to the time and money-saving benefits.
Meeting the ever-changing needs of a growing business
While most businesses won’t know what 2016 has in store, the vast majority will be hoping for prolonged prosperity and gradual growth. As a result, things like bandwidth and storage will have to be increased to meet the needs of an expanding consumer base.
Thankfully, the flexible and scalable nature of the cloud can easily adapt to the changing requirements of your business. Such agility is bound to give you a distinct advantage in a marketplace too, which will undoubtedly become fiercer over the next 12 months.
Increasing collaboration between colleagues
Modern workforces are giving their work/life balance greater precedence than ever before. But employers can help employees achieve equilibrium by adopting a cloud-based solution.
In addition to accessing shared files and folders at a time and in a place that suits them, members of staff will also find themselves collaborating with colleagues more effectively as well.
An eco-friendly way of working
If a new scientific study is to be believed, humanity’s impact on Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and wildlife will soon push the world into a new geological epoch. Therefore, businesses must do everything they can to make their output as eco-friendly as possible.
Not only does a cloud-based solution reduce the amount of paper waste you produce, fluctuating server usage and storage capacity means you will only use the energy you need too. Consequently, the carbon footprint your business creates won’t be as damaging to the environment as before.