The Importance Of Having A Corporate Website For Your Business

Posted: 19th February 2015 16:34

Many companies all over the world have migrated their services and started marketing to online audiences, the reason is because the internet market is a daily growing source for all kinds of industries; you could easily beat your competition just by having a website online.  Yet saying this, I have been in the commercial human resources industry for a little over 20 years and I still see companies and businesses without a website.  If you are one of these people, you are losing out.
You Are Missing Out On Potential Business
Those businesses without a website are missing out on the potential to sell your products and services to a worldwide audience.  Offline marketing can only stretch so far, unless you have contacts halfway across the globe in offline marketing sectors.  The easiest and most efficient way of reaching customers abroad is by using a corporate website, once the webmaster has charged the fee to create your design there are no more costs involved at all, so you will basically have an automated money printing machine on your hands.
So if you don’t want to let your competitors take all of the money and potential clients from under your nose, create a corporate website for your business.
Gathering Feedback From Current & Past Customers
Company feedbackis also very important.  Feedback lets us know if our customers are happy with the services and customer support we provide.  The days of phoning customers for a feedback survey are over, people don’t like these calls anymore and are not prepared to answer the questions, even if they do they just want to answer them quickly, get off the phone and get on with their day.  The same applies to paper surveys, the minute people read what they have to fill out it goes right in the bin.
A corporate website will help you with all of this.  You will be able to send out a URL to your customers and have them fill out a quick survey online.  The process is also much quicker as instead of writing their answers, they will be simply ticking boxes.  In fact, there was an online poll taken where they compared results taken from phone and online surveys, customers are 60% more likely to fill out a survey online than over the phone.
Providing Better Support For Customers
Having an online presence as a company offers so much more than just the marketing and gaining more custom, you are also able to provide a better customer service.  Many people now have access to smart phones from anywhere on the planet, a lot of people use emailing and social media to keep in touch, well so can you as an organisation.
Offering email support is an excellent way to provide your customers help with anything they may need, whether it be asking about your services or asking for help using your software or products.  Emailing is also a great way for your customers to make complaints. 
I see a lot of companies outsourcing their support live chats and emailing systems to specialist companies offshore so they do not even have to deal with it themselves, the companies will go right off written scripts and send out professional email or live chat support to all of your clients and customers