The importance of on the job training later in life

Posted: 29th August 2016 08:54

No matter how long you have worked in an industry new legislation, updated laws and upgrades to technology can all have an impact on how you work, which is why it is so important you undertake training regularly to ensure you are up to speed with how everything should be managed.
Whether you need informing on how to use a new piece of software or require further sales training at Salestrong, where you can learn new techniques to add to those already under your belt, you should be proactively looking for ways to develop yourself and your skills. 
You should never believe that you know everything there is to know, especially if you work in an industry such as digital marketing or I.T where the world around is constantly shifting and adapting to updates from big bodies and technology advances. So here’s what you can do to ensure you always stay on the ball:
The Internet offers a plethora of reading material for all industries. Simply type in what you want to know and there should be a list of articles from reputable sources – potentially from competitor companies – to read through and catch up on the latest advancements.
Look for training courses
If your company offers a training budget for the year, use it! Not only does it make you look good, as you proactively look for ways to advance your learning and therefore career but it can also make you a thought leading voice in the office as you return with your newfound wisdom and give you the confidence to tackle with new issues. It could also offer a new perspective on how to deal with elements of your job role, improving your work rate, productivity and reliability in the workplace.
Ask about in house training
Look inward when it comes to training, ask to sit with another team for a day and learn what they do and how it impacts on your work or request a 1-2-1 with your manager and discuss developments in the industry and ask for advice on how you can implement these within your job role.
Renew qualifications
If you have any important qualifications for your role, it’s important you keep these as up to date as possible. A certificate received 10 years ago isn’t going to be as relevant as it is now, so see about undertaking the qualification again or taking on a refresher course to update what you already know.  
Continued learning ensures a workplace is full of knowledgeable, confident staff that can deal with tough situations when they arise and adapt to big changes in the industry. Always look for ways to improve your skills and encourage your colleagues to do the same.