The Influence of Corporate Videos

Posted: 3rd November 2014 10:34

It’s no secret video is popular. You only have to look at the likes of YouTube, Vine, and Instagram to see that it’s a truly unstoppable force. And of course video marketing is a huge tool to reach the millions and millions surfing this platform.
Video marketing can hugely increase conversion rates. It’s what customers have come to naturally expect, with the biggest brands in the world offering insight into their businesses. Of course, your brand can’t appeal to everyone (not even Coca-Cola can do that) but by crafting a message to a well-defined audience, then a brand can certainly reap the rewards.

Defining that audience is, as imagined, key to any degree of success. Once clearly laid out, there’s a target to influence, and a brand can set about making some great content.

Telling a story that people relate to can be the perfect lubricant for encouraging customers towards their business, tugging at the heartstrings, promoting a positive and caring ethos.

A fine example of this is a video placed by Jaime Leal, a public speaker and entrepreneur from Canada.

The video is simple and structured. It has no special effects, no explosions, no scantily clad women or bad catchphrases. It relies on the story of Leal; the story behind his success and the reason why he is who he is. And that’s more than enough.

Equally, at a totally different end of the spectrum, still keeping in mind the power of simplicity, is world-renowned brand PokerStars. The world of online poker can often be misunderstood when it comes to security, but rather than simply offering reassurance, PokerStars shows its viewers exactly why it is a misunderstanding.
Like Jaime Neal, this PokerStars corporate video simply has a camera and a story to tell, showing the audience rather than telling, offering that extra blanket of security and trust.

Click here for the video

Taking a look behind the scenes can be a great way to bring recognition to your brand, showing the care that’s put into making a business run slickly and efficiently. It’s about showing that the customer is always in the brand’s mind, and the PokerStars example portrays this incredibly.

In fact, the brand continually does this right across their YouTube channel. The Inside PokerStars series has achieved tens of thousands of views, proving its popularity and that recording a corporate video in the right way can be extremely successful.

It’s that transparency that draws a customer towards the brand. That’s now expected in business; showing the right amount to a customer is integral, and there is no better way to do it than in a video.

Click here for the video 

And that can often come by showing what you do best – your work. Massachusetts-based brand HubSpot welcomes potential clients into their office via their corporate video.  Similar to the PokerStars video, you get a look around HQ as well as hearing from the CEO and other employees at the company.

There’s a saying about a healthy workplace being a happy one. And then there’s the story. The video talks very honestly about marketing and goes on to say how the company is different. It sets itself apart, not with jazzy graphics or over-impressive models, but by showing what it does and how it does it.

Of course both PokerStars and HubSpot are very different brands, yet both use similar methods to appeal to a user through video. The corporate video is an important asset to any company. It can be the difference between inspiring a user and putting them off a brand completely. And we know which most prefer…



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