The main requirements for IT business start-ups

Posted: 10th August 2016 12:22

Building an effective IT infrastructure is a critical part of the start-up process as information tech is central to almost every aspect of day-to-day business, especially if you are in the IT sector. Sourcing the right tech to meet your requirements in the shortest time frame will enable you to scale your business and expand as it grows. You should focus on aspects such as networking, software, hardware, support, security and cloud computing when setting up your first IT system.
The modern business landscape is incredibly competitive, so robust and extensive planning is required to ensure you hit the ground running. Computers are the workhorses in IT start-ups, so make sure you have computer systems and equipment capable of supporting your operations and a fast and reliable internet connection. From here, you can look at building your own corporate website, setting up an email service and establishing a telephone system if you need one.
Server room
Building a server room is one of the best ways to ensure business continuity for a new enterprise. A comm room is especially important for IT as it is the place where all of your important information is stored and it supports your daily activities. Companies that specialise in building data rooms now offer modular server rooms to allow new and emerging enterprises to scale their operations effectively.
Cloud services
If you are a micro-business or SME, then you will be pleased to know that you can source a wealth of cloud services to cover activities such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and project management (PM). For communications and commerce, you could opt for tools such as Asana Collaboration, Citrix Grasshopper, Shopify eCommerce and Sprout Social.
You will also need accounting software for tax returns and bookkeeping. Cloud options include SurePayroll, which creates and manages payment records; Xpenditure Expense Tracking for running costs; and Agiloft Contact Management to help you to create, manage and store contracts. You will also need data and document management software, such as Office 365 and Microsoft Power BI. The cloud offers SMEs a treasure trove of mobile apps and applications that are flexible and cost-effective.
IT security
IT security is a critical consideration for IT start-ups due to the ongoing threat of hacks and attacks. It is best if you design your network with a focus on security, so implement firewalls and use access levels for employees to reduce the impact of insider threats. You should also use security software on all of your systems and have a robust backup in place.
Main considerations
When launching a start-up, you will need to take care of the legal, financial and technology aspects of your business with great care and diligence. Compliance and regulation is important, so establish clear policies and procedures, and encrypt your data. Finally, create a budget, and remember that many of the services, software and equipment you use could have ongoing costs. You should also factor in support and training into budget and business plans.