The Popularity of Online Gaming in China

Posted: 15th April 2021 14:26

Expand of Online Game in China
As you all are perceived of the fact that China is a developed country with a vast spread of Technologies. China has always been a major factor in Industry for economic growth. China Gaming Market has developed its leaps and bounds to the peak in China. The Gaming Industry in China is currently one of the important markets in the Global Industry where more than half a billion people play Online Games.  Due to the Large Gaming Industry in China, it is recognized as the “Games Industry Capital of the World”. China has also had immense growth in e-sports. It had amounted to 89.2 billion in 2019 and will amount to surpass 420 billion Yuan by 2022. In 2019 it had reached 209 billion Yuan witnessing a lot of growth for the past few years.
Expand of Video game in China
China's video game market greatly expanded in the area of computer games, including massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), social games, and mobile games, and the interesting fact attracting a large amount of audience is that these games are easily accessible and are free to play. Online casino gaming in China is also very popular. There are many casino portals offering amazing signup bonuses like 博彩促銷優惠天地. So, online gaming industry in china is growing very fast. This massive growth from 2007 to 2013 led the Game publishers and operative companies like Tencent and NetEase to become large global companies. Tencent and NetEase in Online Gaming Industry in China have a market share of 69% with annual revenue of 115bn CNY and 46bn CNY respectively. 
Online Gaming Platform in China
The major and bestOnline Gaming Company in China includes
  1. NetEase,
  2.  Tencent,
  3.  Shanda,
  4. Kong Zhong,
  5.  ThE9,
  6. Netdragon,
  7. Giant Interactive Group,
  8. Perfect World,
  9. Changzhou
Online Games in China are divided into two categories i.e. the MMORPGs and MOCGs. These two online gaming platforms provide the facility where hundreds to thousands of players can interact with each other. The Online Gamesin China currently holds 65% of the market share and additional 20 million revenue is generated by users who reside outside of China. The online gaming market in China grew to $1.6 billion in 2007 and is expected to exceed $3 Billion in 2010. According to several reports China's online games market was worth about $970 million, with over 36 million gamers in 2007 along with this there are 368 million Internet users playing online games in the country and the industry is worth $13.5 billion in 2013. The rate of male and female online games users is 73% of gamers are male and 27% are female.
Involvement of Government in online games
In addition, to maintain the peace in the OnlineGames in China and in the China Gaming Market, the government of China has built the “Online Game Ethics Committee” that falls under the National Radio and Television Administration, with the power of reviewing all the games that will be published in China to maintain the appropriate content. If a game consists of inappropriate things, then it can have a bad effect on that. That is the reason the government of China built a committee to review the games before publishing the game.
China has immense popularity of Online Games and contributes one-third to the global revenue. As the days are passing China is gaining more popularity in the market. There are many Best Online gaming companies with high skilled developers who are continuously working to make a more innovative and interesting online game to attract more people towards it.