The Red Flag Group® Emerging as a Leader in Corporate Risk Monitoring

Posted: 23rd November 2018 08:47

With problems like corporate fraud and hacking at an all-time high, it's more important than ever for companies to be cautious about who they deal with. Assessing and monitoring these risks independently can be challenging because it requires access to a great deal of data and intelligence, as well as a team of proficient analysts.
To help address this growing need, Red Flag Group was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing integrity and compliance services to corporations. Since then, they've helped hundreds of thousands of companies learn more about the people and organizations they do business with.

Over the past 12 years, The Red Flag Group has become one of the most established providers of risk monitoring services in the world, with a reach that spans across 194 countries, pulling valuable information from countless databases and directories in real-time.

A Look at the Unique 10-Point IntegraRating® System

A proprietary risk rating system known as the IntegraRating has been at the core of Red Flag Group's ongoing success, providing remarkable insights related to the reputation, background, and overall profile of business entities. This service allows companies to outsource their due diligenceprocesses while simultaneously receiving more in-depth information than what would be generated by an in-house risk assessment.

Although it’s possible to access “people search” databases independently, companies that choose to allocate their risk monitoring needs to Red Flag Group have the benefit of leveraging the extensive experience and expertise of the firm's knowledgeable staff. The rating is based on a multi-faceted system that takes a myriad of factors into consideration, including but not limited to the following:

All of the above factors are then weighted and analyzed to produce a rating ranging from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best possible integrity rating and 1 being the worst. Red Flag Group also provides a complete due diligence report along with every IntegraRating.

IntegraCheck® Reports Make Access to Intelligence Affordable

Most risk monitoring firms require an ongoing contractual arrangement or a large upfront payment for services over an extended period of time. Red Flag Group has taken the unique approach of providing IntegraCheck reports on an on-demand basis.

The ability to “pay as you go” makes the service obtainable for budgets and business of all sizes. IntegraCheck reports make it easier for companies to screen and select suppliers, distributors, resellers, employees, agents, donors, franchisees, clients, associates, and any other kind of business partner.

There are currently hundreds of thousands of companies that rely on Red Flag Group to shield their businesses from high-risk business partners. For example, many retailers use IntegraCheck to ensure the integrity of their supply chain by only dealing with suppliers who have a high IntegraRating.

IntegraAlert Facilitates Ongoing Risk Monitoring

Running an initial check and reviewing a partner's rating at the start of your business relations is only the beginning. Red Flag Group's IntegraWatch database screening service integrates with their IntegraAlert system to notify clients when new information pops up in a partner's risk profile.

Access to a continually updated risk alert system allows companies to maintain a current view of who they're dealing with, which can be useful in preventing fraud and terminating relationships with employees, suppliers, or other parties who have recently been engaged in suspicious or high-risk activity.

The firm uses a highly comprehensive research methodology to cross-reference data sourced from reputational intel, litigation databases, questionnaires, and even corporate registry data. The result is a very clear picture of who you're doing business with, even if a partner is located in an area where internet censorship is present.

Risk Types that Red Flag Group Prevents

Ultimately, Red Flag Group specializes in gathering data, conducting in-depth analysis, and generating insights that serve as the foundation for solid advice. The group also takes client risk tolerance into consideration when calculating ratings and issuing suggestions in reports. With all of the analysis and effort that goes into each investigation, Red Flag Group is able to effectively mitigate and eliminate the following business risks:

Of course, all of the problems on the list above are issues that no company wants to deal with, hence the rapid growth of Red Flag Group into a global superpower in the realm of risk management. With such an immense amount of progress being made in just over a decade of operation, it will be interesting to see the strides the group will take as big data and computing technology continues to advance exponentially.