The Required Innovations for Casinos

Posted: 2nd September 2019 13:20

Raymond Chan, Alphaslot CEO believes that casino gaming and casino entertainment should be appreciated like all other entertainment modes, especially since today we live in the internet age. However, it seems there is a disconnection between casino operators and game creators. Casinos don’t have the ability to create games and this limits the interaction with players directly on the casino floor.
At the same time, casino operators are into buildings that have to attract, but this is not enough. Players required good games to play. However, thanks to marketing and by building new attractions, Las Vegas had 42.9 millions of visitors, and Macau had 32 millions of guests. 
The Driving Force For Innovations

The driving force for innovation is new technology. Thanks to it, there are opportunities for casinos to turn things around. The IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain are the topics that cause a great deal of hype and excitement. There is a theory, that by putting these two together, it could result in a trustful and secure layer of processed data done by the smart machines in the IoT.
In addition, there is a lot of potential of smart machines on casino floors that generates millions of data every second. The only missing part, the trustful layer between operators and game creators. In eSports and casual games, digital assets like in-app avatars and accessories, are the leading interest from new gamers. This is not happening on the casino floors because of the disconnection between operators and game creators.
There is an answer for this disconnection between these two parties, blockchain. A blockchain journal, app etc can help the situation by recording the ownership of digital assets, and connecting them to the smart gaming machines. The new system will be a link between the casino and its players. The same thing happens in eSports and modern casual games.
It makes a lot of sense that there are several advantages to this idea. For starters, a casino can offer unique digital accessories on blockchain for players. The facilities provided by some blockchain network, like Enthereum, will allow the creation of agreements, which will be executed when conditions are met. This is going to be highly useful when it comes to authorizing a game to make a reaction to a certain digital avatar. This will create preoccupation and additional in-game improvement to enhance the gaming experience.
Secondly, players will be better equipped with more control while playing, by allowing them to have in-game strategy. These features will catch the attention of players for a long time.
Thirdly, blockchain and IoT infrastructure becomes more mature and more widely used. In other words, the system will offer improved security over the environment. The player can create access for regulators, game designers can tap into new sources of information. Casino operators can expand their reach via CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and technology companies will be able to innovate unimaginable ways.
Last Words

However, every new ecosystem starts with a problem, the supply won’t join the system unless there is a demand. The demand can be challenging to prove without a real supply. The gamers data are encrypted and anonymous on the blockchain and the same privacy can be offered by the online casino. In addition, casinos are willing to open the gateway with game creators for improvement. Casino operators and game manufacturers are able to offer digital assets for players.
These new and unique characteristics present new business opportunities for the industry in order to compete on the market. This ecosystem flourished with newly available technology, efficiency is increased and experiences are improved. This brings new business opportunities in order to innovate and gain more supporters from the player base.