The Role of Marketing in Business

Posted: 13th June 2019 10:04

Marketing covers a whole host of different activities, when it comes to selling your companies products or services. The most popular of these being advertisement, which can play a key role in the success of a business. It is all about pushing what you are offering on to the potential customers, such as the roulette at genting offer within the gaming sector. Marketing is only set to grow further with the advances in technology and social media.
In business it is especially important to have a strategy in place when it comes to marketing. This means covering a step by step strategy tailored to the specific market. For example:
Identifying consumer need is one of the most important steps in marketing. What makes a good marketing campaign is creating an awareness of the product, whilst also increasing the desirability of owning it. This is very commonplace in the technology market and Apple as an example, who have a vast following and are one of the biggest companies in the world. Their product awareness has now reached a level that each product that is released will see consumers spend vast amounts of money just to upgrade to the latest product on the market.
This draws on to the next step of responding to consumers with ongoing product development. This is another that Apple have been so successful at and why they continue to lead the industry with their products. They don’t simply release a product and then move on to the next. They continue to modify and improve their products, with frequent updates to sort out ongoing problems.
The updates will give clear information of why this is being done, which is keeping the customers involved. This is why the company is so well followed with customers continuing to stay loyal to their products. This is something that many of the top products on the market from different businesses do, which is why they are a step ahead from the rest and leading the way.
Social media continues to evolve and is becoming more and more involved in marketing within businesses. This means it is becoming an important part of the consumer experience, with successful companies continuing to have a large involvement with campaigns and competitions as an example.