The Top Trends to Watch Out for with Online Slot Games

Posted: 20th April 2017 10:02

Avid mobile gamers may have noticed that the gaming industry is changing – and it is changing fast. This is largely due to the multitude of new gamers that join the club every day (as well as new companies and platforms, hence more competition), and also due to the fact that technology and mobility is ever-changing.
So how can you expect the gaming industry – particularly the slot games – to change in the years to come? What new things will be placed on the market; how will companies and platforms tempt the player this year? Here are the top trends to watch out for with online slot games.
Expect it to get simpler
There was a time (in the recent past) when slot games seemed to get more complicated; this is because designers and platforms wanted to make it as exciting as possible for the gamer – the theory was: the more options and rules there are, the longer the player will enjoy the game. This trend is changing; gamers seem to prefer simplicity and designers respond to this.
The personal touch
Despite the fact that games are probably going to get simpler, they will probably get more personalised as well. It seems like a contradiction at first, but not so – it’s perfectly possible to create straightforward games, and yet have the player choose his or her preferences when it comes to bet sizes, payouts, and so on.
Getting into game mode
When it comes to slots, it may seem difficult to add a ‘gamification’ element into it – but it’s getting more popular. For example, the slots could be located in different areas, and the gamer would be able to collect different items in order to use in battle in the future.
Playing in groups
Research has shown that a good percentage of the gaming population do not just play for the sake of winning or actually playing, but also for the social aspect. Hence, allowing you to play in a group or encouraging more activities that can be done together is a new trend on the rise.
Remember the Poke-Mon catch game? It seems a bit strange that geo-catching might be applied to slot games, but maybe you’ll get a bonus if you happen to catch a virtual coin at a specific location near your house. It’s GPS and encourages you to play anywhere, anytime.
The trends are there; they are happening right now with lots of online slots, such as discover slots online. Whether they will continue, of course, is a completely different manner. What we are sure of, however, is that companies and platforms will continue looking for various innovative ways to win the hearts of the gamers - and make the playing field infinitely more interesting.