The Woodworth Contrarian Fund Wins Contrarian Value-Based Hedge Fund of the Year

Posted: 15th May 2024 11:12

Led by Managing Partners and brothers, Drew and Quinn Millegan, The Woodworth Contrarian Fund is a value-based hedge fund specialising in contrarian investment opportunities. The Oregon-based firm helps investors diversify their risk by exploring long-term investing in companies that the market has appeared to dismiss. As a result, The Woodworth Contrarian Fund’s value-based investment strategy often focuses on companies in a transitional period of three-to-five years. The Woodworth Contrarian Fund continues to adapt its long-term, value-based portfolio in-line with the ever-changing market, exploring exciting opportunities for its investors who are often seeking aggressive returns.
Highly trained as two stock pickers, Drew and Quinn manage the fund’s portfolio directly and with a contrarian focus. In spite of operating in an environment that’s littered with ETFs, market averages, and derivatives, The Woodworth Contrarian Fund remains true to its philosophy and steadfast in its investment approach. To achieve this, the team meets with companies and their management teams on a regular basis, alongside attending earning calls and performing in-depth analysis on company financials. Dedicated to its investment philosophy, Woodworth continues to maintain strong relationships with its investment partners – a characteristic rarely found elsewhere. With a proven track record and a nimble approach, Drew and Quinn’s contrarian approach diversifies risk with a view to generating impressive returns.
The judging panel was particularly impressed by the firm’s exceptional level of expertise – a feature which ensures accredited investors can feel confident that their trust is well placed. Whilst investments always carry an element of risk for investors, The Woodworth Contrarian Fund’s analytical and personalised approach further supports its ability to make intelligent decisions for its fund. Investors already benefit from higher yields, venture capital exposure, and genuine liquidity by joining The Woodworth Contrarian Fund, but Drew and Quinn’s dedication to maintaining quality relationships with members of the fund ensures that investors remain fully engaged and confident in their decision.
“With a long-term, value-based approach, The Woodworth Contrarian Fund meets the needs of investors seeking aggressive returns.”