Thinking Outside the Box: Outdoor Businesses You Can Start Today

Posted: 25th June 2018 16:17

Many people dream of entrepreneurship but can’t quite figure out what kind of business they want to start. While respected attorneys like Aaron Kelly may join with a partner to create their firm, others aren’t quite sure what kind of work they want to pursue—they only know that they want to start a business of their own. Many entrepreneurs will decide what kind of business to start after considering what they’re passionate about and what in that industry has a gap that needs to be bridged. Whether their passion lies in clothing or they love making a cup of coffee that will knock even the biggest critic’s socks off, people want to do what they love.
If your passion is being outside in the great outdoors and you’re ready to get outside of the corporate box, there are plenty of outdoor businesses you might be interested in starting. From becoming a dropshipping supplier that offers high-quality camping supplies to starting a company that cleans up yards each season, there are many ways that you can get outside of the box. Here are a few:

Yard Care

Who doesn’t appreciate a lush, beautifully landscaped yard? Despite how much people loved perfectly manicured lawns and incredibly full flowers, not many have the patience, know-how, or desire to take care of the upkeep and get their yards looking how they want. That’s where you come in. If you love being outside, working in the yard and landscaping, maintaining impossibly peaceful gardens, then a yard care business may be the perfect business for you to start.

If you already have the majority of tools you need to take care of any given yard, then startup costs will be fairly low. You can take on clients in your neighborhood or start building your portfolio by taking care of the yards of family members, then work your way up from there.

Farm Produce

You don’t have to start and take care of an entire farm to offer farm produce. By growing your own fruits and vegetables in your garden and offering them at a local farmers market or selling them to friends and neighbors, you can get your farm produce business off the ground. If your city allows it, you could even raise chickens and sell farm-fresh eggs. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, (and, again, if your city allows it), you could buy a dairy cow or two, or even a couple of goats and offer fresh milk and cream, (but you may need to pasteurize it first).

Dog Walking

If you love animals, especially dogs, and love to be outside, then what could be better than starting a dog walking service? Many people are often too busy or unable to walk their beloved pets during the day but want to make sure that they have the care and get the exercise that they need. If you have the time or are ready to get out of the office and enjoy the great outdoors with a few furry friends, then all you have to do is start advertising your services around the community. While you will need to put certain rules and policies in place, starting a successful dog walking business isn’t too difficult to do.

Fishing/Hunting Guide

People love to get out and fish or go hunting, but they may not always know the best places to go or the best equipment to use. That’s where you come in. If you’ve spent years of your life exploring, hunting, and fishing your local area, then starting a guide service is a great way to get out of the office and make money doing what you love—being outdoors. If you live in a particularly tourist-friendly city or are familiar with an entire region and willing to travel, you could see a lot of success as a fishing or hunting guide.
Whether you want to keep things simple and show clients the best spots and provide them the best advice on equipment, or want to go all out and offer week-long tours that include hands-on training, it’s a great job to do.

Snow Cone Shack

A summer favorite, snow cones are not only delicious but can be a quite lucrative business to get into. If you love the sweet treat and want to share your favorites with locals and tourists around your community, then starting a snow cone shack could be a great way to go. You’ll want to make sure you calculate the costs before getting started and figure out a way to set yourself apart, but once you start serving up the cold treat, you might be surprised at how much money comes in.

Final Thoughts

If you’re tired of living inside the corporate box and are ready to get outside and start making a living on your terms, there are several things you can do. From serving shaved ice to excited families to taking professionals on guided hunting and fishing trips, starting an outdoor business has a lot of benefits. What kind of outdoor business would you like to start?