Three Fresh Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

Posted: 23rd November 2016 09:46

Ask any business owner to describe the dream employee and they’ll tell it’s someone who always comes to work motivated and ready to do their best. Unfortunately, even people who genuinely love their job can occasionally need an extra spark in the midst of a long-running project or even an issue outside the office. Here are three ways to keep your employees motivated that you may not have considered.
Encourage a More Outgoing Culture
According to a recent survey of 2,000 full-time workers from Bupa, less than one third of those asked manage to take a full hour for lunch each day. Incredibly, almost two-thirds of British workers said that they don’t even manage a twenty minute break, the minimum legal requirement for those working six or more hours. Try to encourage a culture of leaving the office to eat your lunch. Whether you visit a new local restaurant or simply eat your packed lunch in the park, this is a great opportunity to improve employee relationships and take your mind of the job for a while.
Hold Meetings Outside the Office
Meetings are an important part of our working lives. Not only is this a chance to make sure that the whole group is up to speed on the latest project, but it can also be a valuable environment to encourage employee feedback. To create a productive environment, consider holding meetings outside of the office at venues tailored to your specific requirements. Companies like citizenM have locations in a range of business capitals, including London and Glasgow. We’ve all had the displeasure of being crammed into the spare room of the office for a last-minute talk. Plan ahead so that you can ensure you make the most of your time. 
Adopt New Technologies in Communication
If someone tells you that they spent the bulk of their day at work in a “team building activity,” it’s probably a safe bet that they’re going to tell you a horror story. According to a study of 1,000 British employees, team building activities often have an adverse effect on the workplace. Rather than dealing with the cliches, like adrenaline rushes and trust falls, a more effective solution would be to invest in new technologies that improve your employee’s ability to communicate with one another. Creating a Slack team for your business keeps all of your team’s communication in one place. You can create separate channels for ongoing projects and ideas or send instant messages privately or as part of a larger group.