Three Helpful hacks for growing your business online

Posted: 13th November 2017 09:50

Most organisations have some sort of online presence — whether they’re aiming at global domination or trying to capture footfall in their local neighbourhood.

But online customers are faced with a daily deluge of information.

And differentiating the voice and value of your brand is more difficult than ever.

So becoming a little more sophisticated online can really raise the bar for your business.
Check out these three helpful hacks for growing your business online.

Website User Experience (UX)
Some smaller firms are forgoing a website completely in favour of social media.

But a well-optimised website with clean architecture, clear coding and relevant keywords will climb to the top of Google rankings in a way that’s hard to achieve with social media alone.

And an interesting and attractive site that delivers what customers need quickly relies on a powerful UX that convinces them to buy and keeps them coming back for more.

A site that makes your unique value proposition immediately apparent with a positive first impression will capture your customers’ attention in those crucial first few seconds after arriving on your site.

Uncluttered content placed above the fold can further seal the deal and a clear call to action will spur conversions.

So making your website a pleasure to visit is extremely valuable.

Content marketing covers everything you disseminate on the web — from blogs to white papers to infographics and case studies.

So your content strategy should cover your website, social media, apps, email campaigns and everything else — ensuring you produce all killer no filler messaging that drives conversions.

All of your content needs to be functional and purposeful — otherwise it needs tweaked or removed and replaced.

Content should also be created according to the principles of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
So textual content should contain popular keywords and phrases and images should contain the appropriate code so that they’re recognised by Google.

Your content’s a blend of creative and technical aspects because it serves the needs of customers and search engines simultaneously.

Localised SEO
Optimisation benefits every type of business online, but localised SEO can really boost SMEs.
One easy win is signing up for a free Google + account — this gets you a listing on the powerful Google network that feeds directly into your ranking on results pages.

Make sure that your website is optimised for mobile use too, because local customers will likely search from their phones rather than from PCs.

And including long-tail search terms that specify the relevance of your offering and your precise geographical location will encourage Google to serve your site to new customers performing ‘near me’ searches.
These three helpful hacks for growing your business online should yield outstanding results.

How do you market your business online? Share your tips in the comments section.