Three Services You Didn’t Know a Telephone Answering Company Could Provide

Posted: 4th July 2016 07:49

Many companies are looking for ways to cut down on costs and ensure that they’re operating in the most cost efficient way possible. The benefits of doing so are obvious, as it can help drive revenue and ensure that the business remains afloat even in the toughest of times.

One way that many businesses are doing this is by working with a telephone answering company. While you are probably well aware of the fact that companies like this are able to provide 24/7 telephone answering services, you may not know some of the other services they offer. To give you a better idea of what they are, here is a look at three services you didn’t know a telephone answering company could provide.

24/7 Emergency Response Services

One of the more common services many businesses are using today is the 24/7 emergency response service that telephone answering companies can provide. Most companies that offer a telephone answering service will have a team that is well trained in emergency situations.

This means that, no matter what happens within your business, they will be able to assist your clients in a way that can keep business continuity even in the midst of a crisis. These emergency response services are also available in the event that on-call assistance is needed from one of your clients.

Outbound Marketing

Most businesses are well aware of how important it is to market their business to their target customer base. The problem for many, however, is that it can be both expensive and time-consuming.

One way to cut down on both the time and money spent marketing is by using the outbound marketing services that many telephone answering services can provide. These companies can often help set up your database to ensure that leads are properly filtered.

In many cases, they can even provide follow-up calls in instances where more information is needed from a particular prospect. Maybe you need to get information for a quote or ask for an email address. A telephone answering company can call your prospects or customers and handle this for you.

Media Response and Brochure Request

Another convenient service that most telephone answering companies can provide is media response and brochure request. This service is most often requested when a business is running a large marketing campaign and is expecting an influx of calls over a particular period of time.

Even if you already have a secretary in place to handle calls, hiring a telephone answering company during times when high call frequency is expected can help you ensure that you aren’t missing a call from a potential customer.
Most companies that provide these services have professionally trained staff that understand what needs to be done to ensure that customers are treated with courtesy and professionalism. You can also work with them to personalise what should be said to those customers that do make the call.