Three Ways to Improve Fleet Safety in 2021

Posted: 9th February 2021 10:26

In 2020, the world saw an increased demand for at-home deliveries as the COVID-19 pandemic kept people indoors. Everyone in the industry felt the pressure of meeting those demands — all while keeping employees, vehicles, and shipments safe while on the road. 

Since the supply chain has hit a relatively calm state heading into 2021, reevaluating risks and strategies to plan for the future, it is a good time for business leaders to find ways to improve fleet safety for everyone. 
If you want to keep your drivers safe while serving your clients, here are three ways you can do it in 2021. 

1. Perform Routine Vehicle Maintenance to Prevent Problems 

When you are pressed for time to get orders on the road and heading for their destination, it doesn't get much worse than realizing something is wrong with the delivery vehicle. Your driver might have a fully loaded truck and be ready to go, only to realize there is a problem. Rather than face poorly timed breakdowns or non-starts, invest in regularly scheduled maintenance checkups for your entire fleet. You might find it challenging because of the high-volume and time-sensitive demands, but it is worth the upfront investment to make sure your drivers can depart quickly to travel to their destination safely. By planning out maintenance, you are likely to experience less downtime that actually helps with scheduling. You might see a vast improvement in your team's workflow while ensuring safety. 

2. Provide Safety Training for Drivers

Another safety strategy worth your time and investment is offering your drivers the best safety education possible. Work with your safety team to develop a safety education program that encourages safe driving practices and techniques. Here are safety-related matters to include: 

3. Invest in a Smart Camera to Upgrade Safety for Drivers 

One of the most important things you can do to protect your drivers' safety and your company's bottom line is to invest in a smart camera that gives you visual evidence of everything your driver faces on the road. With a high-quality safety cam installed on each driver's dashboard, you have real-time visual evidence of not-at-fault accidents, incidents of road rage, and the events surrounding an accident readily available to you. Here are some key features to look for when buying your fleet's video monitoring system: 

Keeping Your Drivers Safe on the Road Protects Your Business 

You have a lot riding on your driver's safety while out on the road. Many people, including your driver, clients, and the customers awaiting their products, are counting on your business to deliver essential items on time. Without a focus on safety, you could lose time, clients, and brand reputation. When you invest in tech devices like smart cams, meaningful safety training for your operators, and routine maintenance, you can count on better safety, improved operations, and respect inside and outside the industry.