Three Ways To Increase Sales At Your New E-Commerce Store

Posted: 18th June 2018 08:27

Having an E-Commerce site to market products and services is a valuable method of driving sales, whether this site is backed by a physical store or not. Just as owners are constantly striving to increase sales at brick and mortar locations through advertising, excellent customer service, an easy purchasing process and discounted shipping service from a reliable shipping and courier broker, owners of E-Commerce sites need to also utilize these same tactics. Recruiting and retaining customers can be optimized by using three main methods of increasing sales.

An Efficient And Easily Navigable Web Design Is Key

Despite the common impulse of E-Commerce site owners in Canada to focus on providing the latest and greatest eye-popping visuals and technology-enhanced tricks, they are much better served by keeping the flashy design elements at a minimum and providing an easy-to-use web site. Today, the top focus needs to be on designing a site that is responsive and renders correctly on various platforms and mobile devices, as described by Forbes as one of the top methods to increase online sales. Creating a user-friendly, intuitive website is akin to creating an open, easily navigable brick and mortar store – you want people to beeline for the products, not the exit!

Reliable Shipping Procedures That Provide Value

The first issue in providing consistent discounted shipping with a shipping and courier broker service and other types of shipping for premium delivery is to set out guidelines that detail the cooperative procedures between the store's departments. These guidelines need to be planned with the marketing, web design and fulfillment teams within the company. Once these procedures have been formulated, it is important to retain the services of a credible courier broker that offers the cheapest international shipping from Canada through a network of trusted top carriers, in order to provide the best shipping experience possible to the customers.

Provide That Personal Touch Online

It can be more difficult to provide a personal shopping experience with an E-Commerce store than with a physical store, but it can be done with careful planning and processes that are consistent and reliable. Requesting customer feedback can be an invaluable resource toward improving customer service, as noted by Providing easily accessible feedback and product review forums online can garner helpful comments from customers that are useful, regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative. While providing individual feedback might not be viable for larger E-Commerce stores, small or startup stores should venture to provide this service, as it displays a strong commitment to quality assurance.

Maintaining an E-Commerce site that is optimized to continually increase the amount of sales and retain customers is a constant process of evaluation. The feedback that is received from customers can be used to monitor the success and failures of specific sales policies and also other areas that indirectly may affect sales. Regular meetings between the online store's departments are crucial to ensure that existing strategies are efficient and profitable. When everyone at the store is onboard with being open to new ideas and changes driven by proven results, then increased business is sure to follow.