Three Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Customer Relationships

Posted: 27th March 2018 11:46

The best business owners always set their sights on improving the relationships they forge with customers. And with numerous options today for customers to buy a particular product or service, forging these relationships is critical for businesses to hit sales numbers and keep their lights on.

Indeed, regardless of the industry, today's business environment is incredibly competitive — and your ability to develop and maintain rock-solid customer relationships will help earn you that crucial and necessary competitive edge.

These days, thanks to the fast-paced, wildly dynamic and flourishing tech revolution, there are some fantastic tools to help business owners go above and beyond customers' expectations with relative ease. Here are three ways to utilize technology that will help improve the relationships you have with your customers.

1. Design an Informative and Easily Navigable Website

Sometimes customers simply want to learn more about you and, in particular, the types of products and/or services you offer — and typically that means checking out your website. Thus, your website should be able to tell your story in a succinct manner and allow current and prospective customers the ability to get to know you better, without feeling pressured to buy something.

In fact, a well-designed website that's heavy on images and calls to action — and not inundated with heavy text — gives consumers the perfect opportunity to flip through your virtual catalog and know what you're all about. Some other benefits of creating and maintaining an eye-catching website include:

2. Hire a Cloud-Based Customer Service Provider

Traditional customer service management software programs track and analyze customer data and feedback. These programs also help businesses gain insight into their customers' buying interests and patterns, experiences with customer service reps and opinions on products and services that can help businesses improve their relationships with customers.

However, a cloud-based customer service provider can help you take this innovation much further than traditional software-based programs, thanks to the flexibility, scalability, mobility and increased collaboration possibilities of the cloud. In fact, the best cloud contact center providers understand the dynamic nature of today's business climate and have developed technologies that can help you meet your goals, without losing sight of the vital importance of the customer experience.

Products and services from cloud-based customer service providers doing it right focus on providing meaningful engagement between businesses and customers, while offering the convenience of seamless contact point center solutions for your call center, self-service/IVR systems and workforce management needs to provide proactive and personalized service.

3. Provide Mobile Solutions

Tap into your customers' passion for their smartphones by offering shopping-friendly mobile options, such as easily accessible and navigable price comparisons, product information and online reviews. Indeed, offering a high-impact mobile app gives you a powerful way to interact with your customers.

With this vital tech tool, you have the opportunity to gather, organize and analyze data from each customer visit, via each customer's interaction with their mobile app for your business. There are several ways you can use this information to improve customer relationships, including the following:

Technology has the Power to Turn Casual Shoppers into Loyal Customers

Technology, in its many forms and capabilities, can help make the relationships you forge with your customers more intimate and enriching. In our increasingly globalized world, it can certainly be difficult to reach people on a one-on-one basis. But with smart uses of technology, you can better ensure your customers feel valued and as if they're part of your company's family.