Tools for better website story telling

Posted: 13th November 2014 10:49

In today’s world, stories are very important. People tell them to gain new clients, others tell theirs to trigger emotional responses from buyers. Thanks to improvements in web technology, it is now relatively easy to get your story digitally packaged and presented to the world.  We take a look at some of the best tools you can use to create your story.  Of course it will help to employ a graphic design company to produce images and manage the process of self-developing your story!

A Note on Hosting

As you start incorporating more rich media into your website you will find your site slowing down; this is an inevitable consequence of heavier files. Ryan Heath, Engineer at, a hosting specialist, explains that “most people get hosting and stick with it; kind of like we do with bank accounts. The truth is that as our websites grow we may need more space, faster processors, more scalability, so a transition from shared or VPS over to a cloud or managed dedicated server may be the right thing for the business.”

Ensure that your hosting is up to the task!


This is one of the best multimedia storytelling tools on the web. You are not only able to create stories but also share them. The story can either be a simple image or a combination of images, video, audio recordings etc. All of these make it easy to engage your audience and impact them. It makes it easy for you to add or remove materials based on what you think is suitable for the story.

Story Bird

This is a tool that makes it easy to create digital stories in a few minutes.  Using this tool, you can read, share and write stories.  There are animations and illustrations from all over the world making it easy for anyone to choose artwork of their choice, and turn them into creative and exciting stories.  The artwork can be easily searched as they are all categorised accordingly.  Story Bird is completely free for users.

The ACMI Storyboard Generator

This is a handy online tool for anyone interested in digital storytelling. By using it, you can create a storyboard, after choosing a script, and you can also design your own storyboard by making use of lots of photographs of a variety of background locations. You can save and share your storyboard video with any audience of your choice or the ACMI community.

Registering for SG is free and you also get access to thousands of free images that are copyright free, as well as free audio and video footage.


With Piclits, you can use a combination of words place on an image to give meaning and essence to your story. Your story may be quotation, lyrics, paragraphs, captions or even entire stories. Creating a Piclit story is as simple as dragging and dropping keywords. The tool can be used on both smartphones and iPads with ease.


With this digital storytelling tool, it is easy to create your own 3D pop-up book.  It provides authors with over 10,000 free images and materials in their database, which can be used in the creation of the digital storybooks.  The created stories can then be shared using hyperlinks or through embedding on blogs and webpages around the world.  ZooBurst has a free and premium version, with the premium versions featuring some pretty advanced features.
These tools, when combined with a proper understanding of branding can help you position your business better in front of your target audience.  If you need help planning a story graphic then ge



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