Top Three Companies with the Best Internship Programs

Posted: 14th September 2017 09:35

Employers naturally look for certain abilities on their candidates’ resumes – you’re already aware of that fact – however, when hiring new candidates, modern employers also consider work experience.

As a matter of fact, according to the most recent Job Outlook survey conducted by the NACE, more than 90% of employers prefer that their candidates have at least some kind of relevant experience before they start working for their organization.

The actual group of employers having this preference has dominated the survey over the last couple of years. On the other hand, only around 5% of respondents this year said that work experience is not a big factor in their decision-making process, when hiring graduates.

So how can a graduate get any work experience if he or she doesn’t have any to begin with? The answer to that is quite simple – you need to find a good internship opportunity.

Top Three Internship Programs

A good internship will give you a chance to do some work and meet accomplished people in your industry. However, a bad one will keep you running all over the place and getting coffee for senior leaders, without gaining any useful experience at all.

In order to help you with finding the right program that will allow you to learn as much as possible from mentors, executives and your fellow interns as well, here are top three companies that have the best internship programs…

For starters, we have this well-known tech giant – and the company that is serious about hiring more college students in the near future. As a matter of fact, according to a recent Dell memo, they plan to have 25% of their external hiring come from college campuses by the end of the decade. They offer internships in financial services, marketing, global operations, HR and many, many more. The program runs up to 12 weeks and pays around 24$ per hour, according to Glassdoor.

This is the company behind office and household products such as Paper Mate pens and Elmer’s Glue, and they offer internships in areas like design, market research and of course, e-commerce. From online comments, you can see that their interns are highly-satisfied with their experiences and according to Glassdoor, they pay their internes between $15 and $20 per hour.

This rental car company can provide you an internship in accounting, management and as they put it “brand ambassadorship.” If you look at the reports from their past interns, you’ll see that the company offers good on-hands experience and a relaxed working environment. Furthermore, according Glassdoor, the internship pays between $10 and $12 per hour.

Will Internship in Fact Land You a Job?

In the end, you’re probably wondering, why should you even look for an internship? Will it even increase your chances of landing a job that much? In short – yes – you definitely should.

According to data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, roughly 60% of paid internships turn into job offers while around 37% of unpaid interns get job offers. The reason why paid interns get more offers is because they spend more time getting first-hand experience instead of handling clerical tasks.
And even if you land an unpaid internship, this shouldn’t discourage you because you still have a good shot of landing a job using connections and experience you’ve gained during your internship.

Some companies instantly hire graduates once their internship is over, but you can still go to another company and land a job there. The point is, you need to find the right program for you – luckily, organizations like Premium Graduate provide fantastic opportunities for everything from career development programs to engineering internships that will help you land a job in no time.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least, we have a couple of tips about how to turn a simple, unpaid internship into a full-fledged job opportunity:

Even if you don’t get hired, you should definitely stay in touch with your fellow interns and even the higher-ups if possible and every couple of months, send causal emails to them in order to maintain your contacts and increase your chances of landing a job.