Top Ways to Invest in your Personal Brand

Posted: 3rd June 2015 09:07

Whether you’re freelancing, starting up a business of your own, or simply trying to climb the corporate ladder, it’s a good idea to monitor your personal brand closely. Investing in your own career can reap major rewards down the line, opening up new opportunities and making you more attractive to employers and investors alike. Here are a few ways to invest in your future success.

1. Purchase your domain name.

A personal website is a must-have no matter what career path you go down. Buy the domain name for your if it’s available. It doesn’t cost much to keep reserved, and you can fill in the details later on. This could come in handy as a personal website to post your work, biography, or resume when you’re looking for a career upgrade in the future, and it’s a vital component along with social media of your online presence.

2. Pay for a proper web hosting service and professional web design.

Once you’re ready to take the plunge and create a business website, it’s worth investing in a professional hosting service. Although you can create a free blog via Blogger or WordPress, you’ll look far more professional with a unique, customized site design. Invest in professional copy and graphic design, to create a uniform, cohesive personal brand.

3. Take basic business or accounting courses

Even if you are an artist or other creative type, you need to know the basics of accounting if you want to succeed with your own business. If nothing else, investing in finance and accounting courses can help ensure that you get all the tax breaks you’re eligible for, and can help you devise a business plan. It also adds to the marketability of your personal brand, of course. Get started by perusing these accounting courses from you’re behind in this area.

4. Hire a career coach or mentor

You may have already achieved some level of success, but if you really want to take it to the next level it can be beneficial to invest in a career coach. Keep your momentum going with advice from an expert, ideally one who knows your industry inside and out. An experienced coach can help you define your goals more clearly, while using your personal brand to its best advantage.

5. Invest in networking events

Marketing and networking alike are major components of building a personal brand. There are a number of ways to network with clientsand colleagues without spending a time, particularly with the use of social media. However, you can also pay for professional events where you can meet others and start building relationships that will only strengthen your brand. Seminars, retreats, and professional conferences can lend you new ideas and forge the relationships that will propel your career forward.

Investing in a strong personal brand carries a long list of benefits, so it’s worth taking these factors into account. Personal branding positions you as an expert in your field, helping you attract better clients, stand tall above the competition, and ultimately make more money.