Trump at the UN

Posted: 20th September 2017 16:58

President Trump addressed the United Nations for the first time. Speech that he gave was very reassuring to many people around the world. The world leader is popularly regarded as being as unpredictable as a real money slot machine at real money online pokies. But this time around he spoke of reforms that do not antagonize any other person.

Reformsfor the United Nations

United Nations policies and declarations have never been really consistent with President Trump’s messages. Therefore when the leader of the world’s most powerful nation speaks about reforming the world body a lot of people naturally get worried.

However, the reforms that the President of America is speaking about are in line with the vision of the secretary general. A man that the Trump had a lot of praise for. Trump, who also has real money casino and hotel businesses, spoke about how António Guterres, the secretary general was already making changes to the organisation which would see the United Nations reach its fullest potential.

The United Nation Reaching its Full Potential

Even though a lot of non-extremist people think that some of Trump’s statements and actions are too extreme, he clearly has a goal to make things better. This is what he exhibited in his speech at the international meeting. The only problemis that his solutions for common problems are a bit unorthodox and excessive, to say the least.

His ideas for how the United Nations will reach its full potential are very simple and make a lot of sense. He spoke about reducing the amount of bureaucracy at the organization. Which can be achieved by focusing more on people than the bureaucracy according to Trump. Already the UN secretary general is working to rectify the situation that had arisen at the organization due to mismanagement. Another thing that was pointed out by President Trump.

According to his address, Trump spoke of his vision for the UN. He said that he wanted the organisation to focus on results and not the process. Something that is very open to translation.