Understanding Obesity: Causes and Intervention

Posted: 2nd October 2018 08:16

Obesity refers to a medical condition where an individual has accumulated a lot of body fat. This might have a negative impact on their health. If a person's weight is approximately 24% higher than the intended body weight, they are considered obese. Moreover, if a person's Body Mass Index ranges from 25 to 29.9, then the person is deemed to be overweight. If the Body Mass Index is 30 or more, the person is considered obese. Therefore, if you are wondering what the ideal body weight of a healthy person should be, take a look at this article.


Discussing Body Mass Index and Obesity


Body Mass Index refers to a statistical measurement generated from a person’s height and weight. Even though it is useful in estimating healthy body weight, the variables do not measure the person’s total percentage of fat. The measurement can be misleading because a bodybuilder may have a relatively high Body Mass Index than an unfit individual whose BMI is lower. Nevertheless, the measure can be useful in finding out the actual weight of an average person.

Why People Become Obese

People become obese for multiple reasons. Here is a list of some of these reasons.


•Consuming a Lot of Calories


Currently, people are consuming a lot of food than in the past generations. Initially, this used to affect 

many developed countries. The trend has however spread across the world. Despite billions being spent on campaign awareness to encourage people to restrict themselves to healthy diets, the majority of people continue to overeat. That is why in 1980 about 15% of the senior population of the Americans was obese. In 2000 the number reached 31%.


•Leading a Lazy Sedentary Life


Given the arrival of tech gadgets like computers, remote controls, and televisions, among others, people are often leading sedentary lifestyle unlike in the past where their parents were active. In the past, shopping entailed walking to the malls to find the bakers, financial institutions, and grocers. With time, out-of-town shopping malls started appearing. People graduated from walking to the malls to driving to get their supplies from the out-of-town malls. Dependence on cars has become the norm. The less a person moves around, the more the accumulation of fats.

Some of the Challenges Obese People Face


•High Blood Pressure


When your heart beats, blood is pumped through the arteries into other parts of your body. Blood pressure refers to how hard the blood pushes through the arteries. High blood pressure has mild to no symptoms. But, it can cause extensive problems like heart disease and stroke, among others. Usually, the red line is read when the bottom number is higher than 90. Hypertension is connected to overweight as well as obesity in many ways. Being overweight may increase your blood pressure since your heart should pump harder than usual to supply blood to the body cells.


•Heart Disease


Heart disease refers to several problems that can affect the normal function of your heart. The primary type of problem occurs when a vessel that transports blood to the heart suddenly becomes narrow and solid. This can prevent the heart from receiving the required blood. Obese people have many health problems that can increase the chances of getting heart disease. Some of these health problems include cardiac arrest, angina, heart failure, and heart attack.

Getting Help for Obese People


•Change Your Diet


Obese people can be referred to a nutritionist or a dietician to help them plan to lose weight progressively. For one to lose weight, they should reduce their calories intake. Perhaps they can also track what they eat.




Bariatric surgery could be the solution for obesity in America. Although many insurers do not cover it, many patients have succeeded in shedding off some weight. For many people, what is most remarkable in getting this surgery is the transformation.




Different medications and medical supplies are in the healthcare industry to manage obesity. These medications and supplies have been approved by the FDA and are used by patients with a high Body Mass Index.




Obesity is an epidemic affecting more than 10 million people across the world. It causes many health problems and premature deaths. America’s rate of childhood obesity is about 12%. Even though it is less common in children, the numbers are climbing faster. If you or someone you love is obese, consider getting them the help that they need so they can live a healthier, productive life.