Updating Your SEO Strategy

Posted: 21st April 2015 09:26

Whether your website is providing information or selling services or products, you need traffic. To generate traffic, your website should have a navigable structure, fresh content, inbound links, keywords and a popular social media presence to stand out above the competition. So, how do you attract more visitors and ensure your site ranks high in search engine results? There are several things to be aware of, including new search trends and algorithm changes. You may already have a website that has performed well in the past, but you can be assured there are more changes coming down the road. To stay competitive, it's critical you update SEO Strategies.
Website Structure
Give your website an appealing appearance for visitors, and see that all products and services are current. It is also very important to search engines and customers that websites are easy to navigate. Typically, sites that are well structured are the ones that rank higher in search engine results. If your site collects personal information or makes sales, you might want to consider converting over to a secured site with HTTPS. Having a secured socket layer makes customers feel more confident when supplying personal information. In addition, there is talk that Google is thinking about ranking websites with HTTPS at higher page ranks. Because mobile users are on the increase, it is advisable that you update your site so that it is mobile-friendly where Google is concerned.
To optimize your website for customers and search engines, you should always have fresh articles or blogs. Websites that continually update content are crawled more frequently and usually get high page ranks. Updating your site with fresh materials keeps customers interested and coming back to view new articles about products and services.
Inbound Links
Inbound links serve as a method to indicate the importance of a website to search engines. When you have an authority website on a subject, other website owners will naturally want to link to your site to establish a relationship. Getting new inbound links from other websites related to your website is often difficult and a slow progress. However, it will pay off over time to increase page rank. Inbound links are still important and not likely to go away soon, as far as SEO is concerned.
Social Media
Social media sites may have a large traffic impact on your website. These types of sites have become recognized as a place for websites to establish their brands, generate leads, provide customer service and create sales while increasing revenue. When updated frequently, social media sites can increase website traffic and promote favorable website reviews that generate additional traffic.
If you haven't stayed on top of SEO changes, it is important to be aware that keyword strategies are changing drastically. Most keyword searches used by searchers have always been basic keyword searches consisting of just one or two words such as "cherry trees", because this type has a better chance of giving them what they are looking for. However, long-tail searches are coming into play, and you need to make sure your site is well optimized for these phrases. Long-tail searches are more detailed and specific such as "how to grow cherry trees." Because phrases are more specific, they tend to attract serious buyers and increase sales.
As a business owner, you know you must be competitive and have the best products and prices to keep your business running. However, in addition to being competitive, you must stay on top of search engine optimization to assure advertising success and increased sales. Establishing new long-tail keywords, increasing your brand with social media and updating your site with fresh content are just a few of the SEO strategies that increase your likelihood of success.