Useful approaches that will help maintain brand consistency

Posted: 22nd December 2020 08:19

You may not think you have the power to influence people's emotions and feelings but if you're part of a business with a strong brand and powerful presence, then you're already shaping and changing everyday perceptions of the company or organisation you work for.

Brand consistency is an incredibly powerful facet that all companies should throw their time and money behind. The stronger the brand, the more trust and loyalty it will build with customers.

However, despite the importance of brand consistency, it's not always easy energy to control. When you’re working for a large company, with multiple projects, thousands of employees and digital assets all scrambling to push their latest project through the pipeline, it's all too easy for plans and designs to be given the go-ahead without proper vetting or screening. Which in turn, can create all kinds of discrepancies within your brand image.

As someone who is in charge of maintaining brand consistency, you'll need to be several steps ahead to maintain the image you've worked so hard to curate. Read on for some useful approaches that will help you maintain brand consistency.

Brand guidelines and your DAM

As a successful business, you’ll already have a strong set of brand guidelines. These blueprints are the DNA of your brand’s look and energy and they must be consistent across all platforms. Using a brand guide, you can integrate these guidelines within your Digital Asset Management system and continue to deliver your brand’s story without neglecting your standards.

When you have multiple projects in the background, users must have access to the latest in logos, fonts, colours and banners, so they can create, edit and update their latest work without delay. When brand guidelines are integrated with your DAM, your creatives are in full control and have the tools they need to maintain brand consistency.

Don’t neglect internal branding

It’s not just the relationship with customers that consistent branding nurtures. It also plays an important role in influencing your employees to become brand champions and continuing to increase awareness whether they’re at their desk, at a conference or socialising outside of work.

Your employees are customers too! The more they believe in your consistent brand, the stronger it will be. Branded items are a simple yet effective way to go, selecting brand ambassadors and ensuring that the look, image and company message is an important factor in any onboarding or training development plan can also help employees to embrace the brand.

Reach out a little further with influencer marketing

More businesses than ever before are reaping the rewards of influencer marketing. However, if you choose to advertise in this way, then selecting the right influencer is essential. They too should be a reflection of your brand and its message. They need to share a similar audience, be trusted with your branding and products, and create high-quality content that complements the company's image and brand.

Final thoughts…

One of the most effective ways to maintain brand consistency is to stick to your brand guidelines and check out for the latest software applications.