Wagering Requirements: What They Are and What They Mean for You

Posted: 5th December 2017 14:29

A Wager is not a new term for those who play online or mobile casino games. So, what exactly does it mean? A wager simply described as a bet or a gamble that a player puts up with. Different games on different online and mobile casinos prompt players to put up with different bets or Wagers.

Wagering Requirements in Mobile Casino

The wagering requirement is dependent on the amount of wager put in and the winnings available at mobile casino games. Wagering requirement simply defines the minimum amount a player must spend in the casino game before he/she can withdraw back the initial wager or the earned amount. It is a multiplier determined by the casinos like Vegas Mobile Casino that defines the number of times a player must play through a bonus game or the share of profits to be used in the game itself, before being able to withdraw any winnings. The wagering requirements differ from casino to casino and sometimes from game to game. For example, if a mobile casino gives 20 pounds with a wagering requirement of 10x then you need to spend 200 pounds before withdrawing any winnings.

What’s for the Players?

The players need to put up with the Wagering requirements as determined by the online casinos. They need to be certain about the terms and conditions of the wager and the bonus. They also need to make sure that they play the mobile casino games that help them maintain the terms. Many games offered by online or mobile casinos might not be included in the list of games that need to be played to fulfil the wagering requirements.

Any winnings made while playing before meeting the wagering requirements will be stored and added to the pending balance maintained by the online mobile casinos. Players are not allowed to withdraw cash from this pending balance. This balance is used to cancel out the wagering requirements. Once the players meet the Wagering requirements, the bonus is released in the main wallet. Players can now withdraw cash if they want.

Playing with Wagers

Wagering requirements are a part of every online and mobile casino games. While there are a few games which can be played for free without a wager but only for a limited period. Most games have wagers and a clear set of terms and conditions associated with them. So, players better read through them before they set out to play the games. Also look out for the fine print in the terms. Once you are very sure and clear about the requirements, you are ready to roll. Lookout for games which give huge payouts. Check for the games which help you reach the requirement quick and for sure. Play the bonus games which make you win big. And don’t forget to enjoy the game as you reach your target.