Want to create a positive working environment? Read this first

Posted: 20th August 2018 08:52

We spend so much of our lives in the workplace; no one wants to head to work with a terrible feeling of dread building inside them. With more challenges and tighter deadlines then ever before, it can be easy for you or your workforce to fall into the trap of workplace negativity. But what can we do to tackle this common problem in the modern workplace? Well, read on for some helpful tips on how you can create a positive working environment if you have authority and even if you don’t.

The location

If you own a business or are looking to start one, then this idea is for you. The location of your business is crucial when it comes to workplace positivity. If your workers face a long commute, a location in an area where they fear for their personal safety, or if they worry about the safety of their bike or car then you’re already setting your workforce up to fail. Think about pleasant, wide open spaces, if you’re near a larger city because it’s better for networking, then consider placing your business just outside the city itself, offices to let in Teddington provide the perfect example. Remember, you want to improve and maintain a good quality of life for your employees so that they’re happy to give you their best every single day.

Spread a little happiness

With increasing pressures and looming deadlines, it’s tempting to just get your head down and battle on until home time. But spreading a little cheer amongst your work colleagues will only take a couple of seconds of your day – even less if you incorporate it into your lunch or coffee breaks. Whether it’s saying “hi” to old or new faces every time you pass in the office, bringing in a pack of biscuits for everyone to enjoy during tea break or just making the effort to smile. Spreading a little cheer is easier than you might think. And if the big boss is watching – you’ll look good too!

Celebrate the big and the small

You’ve seen on social media that it’s someone’s birthday soon. Or they’re moving house, have got some good news or are heading off to pastures new. Whatever the occasion, make a little effort to arrange a card and have it handed around – bring in a little cake or some treats for everyone to enjoy. Letting the recipient know that you’ve all been thinking of them will make their day, and let everyone feel a little more relaxed before heading back to the grindstone. They’ll be excited for a card from their colleagues when their birthday comes around!


It’s inevitable, that management might not always pick up on how hard you’ve worked on a particular project, or how well you’ve handled a complaint or a difficult customer. But if YOU’VE picked up on the blood sweat and tears a colleague has put into their job, then let them know. Congratulate them. Ask them the details and let them know that at least someone was watching. You’ll make their day.