Ways to Enhance Your In-Office Experience

Posted: 23rd September 2019 15:43

Did you know that your work environment has a significant impact on your productivity and mood? From the lighting and temperature to the layout and equipment, these factors can help or hurt your ability to be a happy and productive professional. By paying attention to certain elements of office design and organization you can ultimately create a positive experience. Below, are a few examples of how to accomplish this. 
Create a Functional Layout
The layout of your office can have a significant impact on your productivity levels. If you’ve placed things in the space with no rhyme or reason, it makes getting things done a lot more difficult. For example, if your desk is positioned too far away from the copier, you have to get up every time you wish to make a copy. Placing office equipment and furniture in a position that makes completing tasks more efficiently saves you a lot of time. 
Organize Your Work Station

Your desk is your work station. This is where a bulk of your responsibilities take place. As such, your desk should be organized in a manner that allows you to handle tasks seamlessly. If you like to review mail when you first sit down, having the in and out bin positioned near your computer makes it easier to get this done. If there are certain files that you use most frequently, having a file organizer positioned on your desk removes the need to run to the file cabinet every time you need to grab something. Using a computer monitor mount makes it easier for you to view the screen while conserving space on your desk. 
Let There Be Light
Lighting in the office can affect you in a negative or positive way. Little or dim lighting essentially makes it difficult for you to see your work. When lights are dimmer, it also sends signals to your brain that it’s time to go to sleep which can really slow you down. Darker lights also have a negative impact on your mood. A well-lit office, however, works to your advantage. Having access to plenty of natural light is the best option. Yet, you can also invest in lamps or light fixtures to increase the brightness in the room. 
Get Rid of the Clutter

A cluttered office automatically dampens your mood and slows your productivity. How are you able to get anything done when there are file boxes, papers, and other items everywhere? Clutter can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. So, to improve your in-office experience, you need to get rid of the clutter. Remove items from the office that you don’t need and find a designated space for everything you do use. To get even more organized, add labels to make it easy for you to identify the things you need. 
Don’t Skimp on Comfort
It’s kind of hard to be in a good mood or get anything done if you’re uncomfortable. When choosing furniture for your office, don’t compromise comfort for style or affordability. There’s nothing wrong with springing for a plush office chair with back support, a standing desk, or even a comfy couch and chairs for your clients to sit in. The more relaxed you are, the better your in-office experience is. 
Personalize Your Space

Nothing makes you feel good like coming into an office that feels like you. This is your personal work area and you should be able to personalize it to your liking. Of course, if you work in an office, you’ll need to make sure you follow guidelines regarding what you can and cannot display in the space. But there are still ways to make your work environment feel more like your own. Add photos of your loved ones, choose decor items in colors and styles that you like, hang inspirational pictures on the walls, add your favorite plants to the mix, place scented candles around the office, and whatever other small details you can add to make it feel more like your workspace. 
Whether you work in a corporate building or from the comforts of your own home, the design, and layout of your office space matters. Part of being great at your job is having a work environment that supports a positive experience. A clean, functional, well-organized, well-lit, and comfortable office with personal touches throughout not only looks good but provides a space where you can come to work each day and be inspired to be as productive as possible.