Ways to relax and de-stress after delivering a big project

Posted: 14th June 2021 10:57

It went up to the wire, but the project was delivered and launched on time. You put in the hours to make it work, but you perhaps didn’t take quite as good care of yourself as maybe you should. Hopefully, now there’s a bit of a lull in project work, you can catch up on a bit of ‘me’ time and recharge your batteries.

It might have been a while since you’ve had time to spend on yourself, so here are few ideas for some wonderful distractions to take your mind off of work and go into your next project feeling rejuvenated and ready to go.

#1 Go old-school

I’m sure you’re tempted to go snowboarding or rock climbing, but they aren’t always options. Instead, try something that is low tech, low energy (you are trying to recharge after all), and something you might have seen your Gran doing.

First on this list is knitting or crocheting. It’s easy to pick up but takes lots of practice to master, but results aren’t what you are doing this for; it’s the process and the therapeutic nature of creating something. And, in case you were wondering, we’ve gone way past the stage where people think knitting isn’t for men.

Next on the list is scrapbooking, which is a way of keeping memories in books like an old photo album, but with keepsakes and physical things that remind you of the experience. If you are a bit short of the kind of experiences you could put in a scrapbook, the next idea could be perfect for you.

#2 Go outside

The trouble with going outside is that you are normally either going somewhere, so the journey is more of an inconvenience than an experience, or you are doing something active like climbing or mountain biking. It’s not often you can just go out for a walk, but the benefits of mild exercise, fresh air, and vitamin D are not to be

If you find walking a bit boring, you can always plug into Spotify or an audiobook or start collecting things to put in your old school scrapbook.

#3 Online gaming

If outside really isn’t your thing, then it could be back to staring at a screen, except this time, doing something you want to be doing. You probably know all there is to know about COD and Fortnite and all the other console games already, so instead, how about looking at something a bit different.

There is a range of games that are typically less intense and more relaxing than donning a headset and storming the enemy camp. They can involve matching three shapes over increasingly difficult levels or which simulate you running your own restaurant or town. If that all sounds a bit twee, then here is somewhere else you can still go old school; you can play card or casino type games like megaways slots games or play traditional board games against other players or an ‘AI’ opponent.

Either way, the chance to unwind without leaving your sofa is always going to be a popular option.